Hello you…Dear Em here.

Given the intimate nature of this sites subject matter, I believe it’s relevant you get to know a little bit about who I am and why I created this site. So here’s a glimpse into my personality, my sexuality, my relationships, and exactly why I’m on a mission to help women restore the bond of sexual intimacy in their relationships.

Authenticity is the essence of who I am. I’m laid back and down-to-earth and thoroughly embrace these qualities about myself. Because I function best in honesty, I am a straight shooter and see no point in sugarcoating the truth. My experiences in life have taught me to be non-judgmental of others…it’s simply not my place or position to do so. Being understanding and empathetic gives me an excellent perspective on situations, rather than a one-sided view. Upon first impression, I am quiet and reserved. That is until you get to know me, then look out! I am a little bit naughty with a twist of good humor about real life situations and hope this part of my personality translates well. 

Since a core part of my personality is based on openness, I have always felt very comfortable speaking freely about anything regarding sexuality. Be it playful banter or a serious conversation, it has never been a subject I shy away from or feel embarrassed to speak about. Since puberty, I have been fortunate enough to feel at ease exploring the world of sexuality, and as I’ve matured into a woman, I have remained connected to this part of myself. I believe sexuality is such a natural and integral part of our humanness, and we should be able to explore it without shame or judgment, but rather with playful curiosity, excitement, and a sense of adventure.

I have spent the past 31 years of my life in long-term relationships. Throughout these years, I’ve been in four serious relationships, three of them turning into marriage. My first attempt at marriage ended in divorce, however, my second marriage I was widowed, and I am currently married to my third husband. Based on the mistakes, lessons learned, experiences, and epiphanies I have encountered throughout these relationships, I can now see crystal clear how either the weakened or strong bond of sexual intimacy affected each relationship. I encourage you to reflect on your own relationships, past and current, to see if this bond has played any part in the success or failure of each one of them.

So, why is the bond of sexual intimacy in YOUR relationship MY mission? The reason is simple. I believe too many relationships become tainted by avoidable problems, transition into boring living arrangements, or ultimately end because the weakened or broken connection of sexual intimacy has either directly or indirectly effected the relationship. When this important bond is no longer nurtured, people can find themselves seeking happiness or fulfillment outside of their relationships with other people. If I can offer guidance to help even one couple avoid that painful road by turning their efforts back into their relationship to make it healthy and whole again, I will consider my mission to be a success. 

This site was thoughtfully created with a true understanding of sexual intimacy matters and how it affects so many women in the same ways. From my heart, it is my sincere hope you will take something away from this site which will bring a positive change to your relationship. With open communication, decisive action, and mutual love, any relationship can turn around and become exactly what you and your partner desire it to be. Although it does take much, much (Did I mention MUCH?) more effort to keep things fresh, exciting, solid, and strong in a long-term relationship, it is absolutely possible and definitely worth it.

Thank you so much for visiting.

XOXO — Dear Em


My authority to speak about relationships isn’t derived from the traditional way one gains knowledge in order to advise others. In other words, you will not find a degree hanging on my office wall. My qualification to give advice comes from real experiences I have been through myself, as I have spent the majority of my life in long-term relationships. It is not only my first-hand life experience I am interested in sharing with you but also sharing the experience I have gained by offering sound and logical relationship advice to others.      

The truth is, you most likely know deep down what you need to do to improve your relationship. However, sometimes you just need an outsider’s perspective to help bring the clarity you are seeking. Rather than considering my advice on this site as professional, consider me a virtual sister who cares enough to help you bring that clarity to the surface.

The advice offered on this site is not meant to take the place of professional counseling. It is meant to be utilized as a resource to help aide the process of making your relationship happy, healthy, and whole once again.



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