You are a woman… who is a new mom, exhausted, overwhelmed, and trying to juggle all of your new responsibilities.  Or perhaps you’re already a seasoned mother with multiple children, always on call and trying to meet their every need.  Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or pulling double duty as a full-time working mother, you can’t see straight because you’re beyond busy with your never-ending To-Do list. What is the best word for the typical day of a mother? Ah yes…overloaded! 

You are a woman… who is a no-nonsense powerhouse in the corporate world.  You’re all business and keep tenaciously focused on your career. You bring your never-ending work load home with you and stay immersed in your business affairs long into the night, forgetting much of what or who exists around you. You have lost the ability to find a healthy balance between work-time and down-time, and this imbalance is causing a negative impact in your personal relationships. 

You are a woman…who has reached the milestone in life where hormones have been robbed from you as if by a thief in the night. You feel almost completely void of sexual desire, sweat bullets from hot flashes, your vagina has become a desert, and you now have to cross your legs every time you cough, laugh, or sneeze to avoid peeing your pants. Doesn’t menopause seem like a cruel payback for being the chosen gender to bring children into the world? After what the female body endures from childbirth alone, we should be rewarded with…I don’t know…eternal youth, maybe…or spontaneous orgasms…or at the bare minimum, a lifetime of priority parking at our favorite grocery store…but at least something pleasant! 

You are a woman…who has lost self-confidence as you’ve aged.  Maybe you had a child or two—or six—and now there are residual physical effects causing you to feel self-conscious. It could be extra weight, stretch marks, or the deflated remains of your once perky boobs from breastfeeding. Maybe all three! As if that weren’t bad enough, there’s the inexorable progression of aging, including but not limited to wrinkles, the turkey neck (my personal fav), bat-wing arms, cellulite in places you didn’t think it could possibly migrate to, gray hair, leg veins… what the hell?  If you haven’t experienced any of the joys (read: miseries) of aging yet, then savor your youth, my spring chicken, for it will sneak up on you. All of these minor and major physical changes can chip away at your confidence, wreak havoc on your self-esteem, and make you feel insecure about your appearance.

You are a woman…who has suffered the excruciating pain of infidelity. You are still in the process of healing this deep wound, which is very delicate and difficult to repair. Choosing to stay with your husband after this massive breach of trust is a long, long road back to recovery. A constant inner-battle plays in your mind of the injustice that’s been done to you, against the desire to trust him again and make your relationship better. You have never felt quite so torn about anything in your whole life, and you can’t help but look at him now through the eyes of both optimism and skepticism. You wonder if you will ever be able to reestablish a healthy physical connection after this emotional devastation, or if you will ever completely recover from the unbearable pain this betrayal has caused you.

You are a woman…who feels a sense of hopelessness with your husband. He doesn’t seem interested anymore, and you feel starved for the attention and affection he once showered upon you. You can’t even remember the last time he took the initiative to show you a romantic gesture. You have tried and tried to convey your feelings to him, but to no avail.  Your words fall on deaf ears. Living this way makes you feel lonely and hollow. Because of the extreme emptiness you feel, you may have given yourself permission to go outside the boundaries of your marriage to feel desired and appreciated. You so desperately want to experience what you pine for in your own relationship, but don’t foresee it happening. Maybe you haven’t taken the physical leap outside of your relationship, but you have contemplated what was once unthinkable and found the thought seriously tempting.

You are a woman…who is simply experiencing feelings of contentment and complacency most women will encounter in a long-term relationship. Like the slow growing waistline of an aging woman or man, these characteristics have the same tendency to slowly creep into your relationship without you noticing until one day it hits you. The excitement has turned dull, the freshness is now stale, and the passion and desire have long since faded away. You love your husband and feel generally happy, but frankly, you also feel…well, bored. There’s a very good chance he feels the same way too.

Which one of these women best describes you? Do you fit one category, maybe two, or perhaps more? I have personally fit into almost all of these women’s shoes at one point or another in all of my relationships. It is my belief that one common factor plays a quiet and unassuming—yet powerful—role in the ultimate success or failure of a long-term relationship. What is that crucial factor? 


A big and bold statement, I know. But have you ever thought, I mean really thought about what a significant role the bond of sexual intimacy plays between you and your husband? Have you considered how interconnected it is with so many other areas of your relationship? For many women, the answer is no. After all, you’re too busy simply trying to keep up with the constant demands of everyday life. Maybe you are vaguely aware, but don’t put much thought into it because honestly, where would you even begin?

Rest assured, keeping the bond of sexual intimacy strong is a vital key factor in maintaining a healthy and well-rounded relationship. If this aspect of your relationship is not constantly nurtured like a newborn baby, your marriage can morph into a companionship, friendship, or even a roommate type of situation. This is called a living arrangement. You do not want a living arrangement! You want to feel passion and be passionate. You want to feel desirable and be desired. You want that spark of excitement once again because it makes you feel so good and so alive!                        

Is this possible? Is there real potential to revitalize your relationship from where it stands today? Is it possible to feel passion and desire again for this man you’ve been with forever and a day? My answer is a resounding YES! Anything is possible if you possess this one critical driving force: DESIRE. It’s what motivates us to create or change anything we want in our lives. ANYTHING! Without this fundamental component, however, your relationship will not genuinely improve without a sincere and heartfelt desire for change. Period.





You are about to embark upon a journey of your inner self and rediscover some of the most amazing benefits being in a long-term relationship has to offer. This website was not created to be rushed through, so prepare your favorite relax-time drink, grab your laptop, tablet, or cell phone, and make your way to the most comfy seat in the house. This site was created with the specific intention for you to take your time to explore the information provided, while being reflective about how it personally affects your relationship. Once you’ve explored and reflected, you’re then encouraged to take action-based steps to improve intimacy in your relationship with the ideas, tips, and advice provided throughout this site.

You bring your desire, an open-mind, and willingness to put forth an honest effort to improve the bond of sexual intimacy in your relationship. I’ll bring my experience, guidance, and suggestions to help make your desire a reality.

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Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, there will inevitably be some challenging subjects discussed from time to time. Try to keep an open mind about topics which may push the boundaries of your comfort zone. Embrace this site as an invaluable resource for women to feel comfortable discussing ALL matters related to sexual intimacy.

Although most references are directed towards wives, their husbands and the marital relationship, the content in this site applies to ANY woman in a long-term committed relationship who wants to improve the bond of sexual intimacy with her partner. 




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