By Lucy Lee


Denelle dove for the spike and missed it.

                “Sorry, Chloe,” he said, looking up at me and spitting sand out of his mouth.

                That was it. We were officially eliminated from the 2-on-2 mixed beach volleyball competition. “No problem,” I said. “There’s always next weekend.” I helped him to his feet and then helped him brush some of the sand off his round, firm buttocks and his sweat-soaked back.

                Denelle and I had been volleyball partners ever since we met and hooked up as partners at an impromptu competition a couple of months earlier. We made it all the way to the semi-finals this time around, even though we hadn’t won a tournament yet. But each week we got together, we got the chance to know each other a little bit better.

                He was a tall guy, about six-four, with a lean, powerful, dark black body. His muscles glistened under the blazing sun and the hot sand. His ass was big and bold and powerful, and his cock was rigidly outlined against the thin material of his red Speedo. I kept my appreciation for his body in my mind, and away from my hands, for the time being, at least. Until I could feel him out a bit better, so-to-speak.

                “Why don’t we go for a swim to cool off?” he suggested, once we had downed a couple of consolatory cold ones in the crowded beer tent.

                “Good idea,” I said.

                I ran my hand through my long, blonde hair that was bleached almost white from all of the hours I’d spent in the sun chasing balls around. My smooth skin was tanned a deep, golden brown for the same reason. Even with all the exercise, however, I still had a rather girlish body; in fact, a lot of people said that I still looked like a teenage girl, despite my twenty-four years. Part of it, of course, was due to my misleadingly innocent, baby-blue eyes.

                Denelle and I walked out of the protective shade of the tent and back under the torching sun. It must have been a hundred degrees, with only a hint of wind to push the super-heated air around. I was headed for the packed beach beyond the volleyball courts when Denelle suddenly grabbed my arm.

                “Not here. I know a better place,” he said, smiling, his perfect teeth flashing a brilliant white, his brown eyes twinkling.

                “Okay,” I replied. I was game for anything with this stud.

                We hot-footed it through the parking lot and climbed into his sun-baked jeep. He pulled out of the lot and pointed the vehicle south and drove for about half an hour, the traffic getting lighter and lighter, the cottages further and further apart. Finally, he turned off the highway onto a grassy road that led into the brush. Five minutes later, the road abruptly ended and we sat on the cusp of a small, secluded beach. The beach was maybe twenty feet by one hundred feet, and hemmed in by birch and poplar trees which came right down to the water’s edge on either side.

                “No crowd here, that’s for sure,” I commented, as we piled out of the jeep.

                He nodded, pointing at the lake. “There’s a sand bar a ways out. Before that, the water’s pretty deep – but nice and cool.”
                Sounded delicious. I bolted away and bounded into the water, with Denelle in hot pursuit. We were soon up to our necks in the cool, clear water. It felt great.       

After splashing around for awhile, Denelle swam further out into the lake. I dove underneath the tranquil surface of the water, and when I came back up I saw that Denelle was standing on top of the water fifty feet away from me. “Hey, I didn’t know you could walk on water!” I shouted at him.

                “Come and try it yourself!” he yelled back.

                I started to swim out to him, and then found myself crawling and then walking on sand. The water was only up to my ankles on the highest point of the sandbar. “Hey, this is cool!” I said.

                “No doubt. I’m gonna lie down and catch some rays.”

                “I’m with you!”

                He grinned. “Sure you don’t need some more lotion? You white girls get burnt awful easy.”

                “I’ll survive. I’m almost as dark as you.”                

                He laughed and said, “You wish,” and then lay down on his stomach on the sand.

                I stared longingly at his plump, athletic ass, and at his broad, muscular shoulders, then sprawled down next to him. The shallow water acted like a cushion and the feeling was sensational – totally relaxing. As the hot sun beat down on me in my bikini from a cloudless sky, and the water rippled gently against my body, pushed along by a soft breeze that blew in off the lake, I found myself getting drowsier and drowsier, until …   

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