By Landon Dixon


            If anyone tells you that selling your own home isn’t worth the time and effort, you can tell them from me; they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about! Not only did my wife and I get a great price on our old house, but we got a great threesome too!

            It happened when we met for lunch at home on a Monday afternoon. We had the house to ourselves since the kids were in school. So we decided to take advantage of the hour of alone time and partake in a little afternoon delight.

            My wife, Joanne, is a real knockout: trim, tight body, C-cup oh-so-cuppable breasts, big brown eyes and long, lustrous brown hair. A Jane Seymour look-a-like, you might say, only younger and bustier. I can’t keep my hands off the woman, even after ten years of marriage.

            And on that fateful afternoon, I had my hands all over her as usual – grasping and squeezing her soft, bare breasts and feeding on her stiff, pink nipples. We were stretched out on our bed, me on top, naked as newborns. Joanne clutching and kneading my butt cheeks, as I sucked on her tits and rubbed her silky smooth pussy with my hard cock.  

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