By Landon Dixon


I thought I’d surprise my girlfriend. And ended up surprising the both of us, which finally put our sex life into motion.

            I was supposed to pick Nancy up at seven o’clock for dinner and a movie, but got off work early and decided to drive directly over to her place. Normally, that was never a good idea, as I was usually left cooling my heels for an hour or more while she ‘got herself ready’. But not this time.

            The door to her tenth-floor apartment was unlocked, and I let myself in. Not finding the tall, slim blond in the living room or kitchen, I snuck down the hall to her bedroom. And found her – stretched out on her big, fluffy bed wearing just a lacy black bra and panties. Her left hand was on her bra, right hand in her panties.

            My eyes bugged out and I audibly gulped, amazed to find Nancy in such a state of undress and arousal. I’d barely gotten to second base after dating her for a couple of months, but I’d figured that maybe she had some intimacy issues, or whatever women call them. Well, maybe with me, she had, but not with herself, I discovered as I watched.

            The lights were turned down low like the music coming from her computer, and a stick of incense burned in a holder on her nightstand. Nancy’s eyes were closed and her wavy blond hair was spread out on one of her ruffled white pillows, her pale, lean body glowing in the dim light. As she moved her hand in her panties, rubbing her pussy, clutching and squeezing one of her breasts through her bra.

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