By Heather Towne


            “Um, and then you stick part of the bunny’s head in your, uh, vagina … and – when you turn it on – the head sort of wiggles and the ears kind of waggle and, uh, stimulate your pussy. And, um … your clitoris.”

            “Linda, you’re never going to sell any sex toys with that presentation.”

            Linda looked down at her next-door neighbor, Amy, sitting at the toy-laden kitchen table she was standing in front of. She sighed, her large breasts heaving in her loose top. “I know. Maybe this was just a dumb idea – holding a sex toy party in my home to try to make some extra money.” She licked her full lips. “And take my mind off the fact Carl is away.”

            Carl was Linda’s husband. A captain in the army, he was off on a six-month tour of duty in the Middle East; an assignment deemed too dangerous for spousal accompaniment. Amy’s husband, Rob, was also in the army, and was currently overseas, as well, on a three-month deployment.

            The two women spent a lot of time of their free time together, as a result, since their homes were right next to one another’s on the base. In fact, with both of their husbands away, they’d taken to alternately staying together in each other’s houses, to relieve some of the boredom and loneliness. Amy was bivouacked at Linda’s home this week. Linda was forty-three, Amy just turned thirty.

            Amy sat up straighter in her chair, her small breasts bounding in her tight top. “I don’t know,” she said, picking up a bright red jelly dong and snapping it like a whip. “I still think it’s a good idea. You just have to, you know, work on your presentation. Make it more interesting and effective – convincing.”

            Linda dropped the bunny-head vibrator/dildo she’d been trying to explain to entice purchase and sighed a second time. “And how am I supposed to do that? Join a Toastmasters group or something?” Her violet eyes flickered with despair. “The party is next week.”

            “Uh, no. I wasn’t thinking that,” Amy responded, spanking the jelly dong’s cock-like head against her palm. “I was thinking you should test these things. You know, get to know your product. So you can describe how they work – and feel – from actual experience.” She dropped the dong and picked up a pair of gold, fur-lined nipple clamps. “You know, take ‘em for a test drive.”

            Linda stared at the young woman. Then she nervously curled her long, dark hair in behind her ears with her fingers, surveying the table full of sex toys, and feeling her face and body warm. “What? You mean all of these? I don’t even know how some of these things are supposed to work, or what they’re supposed to do.”

            Amy grinned, her green eyes sparkling. “That’s just it. You have to know – if you want to sell.” She wagged her blonde pigtails, looking at all the sex aids. “But you’re right, there are an awful lot of them. How ‘bout if I help you? I’ll test some of the toys and report back to you. Give you some, um, ‘firsthand’ feedback. And I get, say, 20% of the money you make from the party? For doing some of the ‘in-depth’ research and helping you out with your presentation.”

            Linda looked dubious. But there seemed to be no other solution. And she could certainly use the commission on sales from the party – and the practice from testing the product, to be honest. Her sex life was on-hold with her husband gone.

            She picked the pink, bunny-eared vibrator/dildo back up off the table. “Okay, you’ve got a deal. I’ll give this thing a try, I guess. Tonight.”

            Amy snatched up a white egg vibrator to go along with the red jelly dong from the colorful and obscene display on the kitchen table. “And I’ll test out these two,” she chirped. “Let you know how they work, and feel.” 

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