Step-by-step instructions and tips are provided for each role play. Also see the Role Play Tips listed below to use as a guide. Role playing is an excellent way to lose your inhibitions and take a brief step outside of yourself and the daily grind of life…if only for a moment!



Your character is an upper class escort. Buy the sexiest lingerie you can find, along with a bad-ass pair of heels to match. Do you have a trench-coat? Wear it. If not, wear a loose fitting dress that’s easy to remove. You can take this role play all the way and buy a wig if the mood strikes. There. You are no longer Jennifer, busy mom of three, working your 8 to 5 corporate job. You are now (insert sexy escort name here), and you’ve just been hired to service a client for the evening. If you have the opportunity to play this scenario out at a hotel, that would be the ultimate location. However, if that’s not possible, you can do it in your bedroom after the kiddos are tucked away for the night. Text him a message in the early evening as he’s busy watching TV or on his PC, and write the following, ‘Hey (his name), I’ve received your request for my services for this evening. I’ll be there at (pick a time). Prepare yourself for an unbelievable night of ANYTHING your little heart desires, sweetie.’ He should be awaiting your arrival in the bedroom (or hotel) at your set time. When you walk into the room…you need to ooze of sexiness, confidence, and immediately begin flirtatious behavior with your ‘client.’ Tell him you’re there to please him in any way he’d like. Ask him about his fantasies. Take charge of this moment, as there is absolutely no room for shyness or insecurity here. The deeper you get into your character, the more incredible your sexual interaction will be. In my opinion, there is something so exciting about being with your partner but experiencing him as a stranger. Try to do that in this role play, and I guarantee he will not only play along, but he will immensely enjoy this hot and seductive game you’re engaging in with him. Remember, to role play with your partner is to give you both the chance to temporarily experience escapism from the same old routine your sex life may be in. Role playing is intended to help you get completely outside of who you are, set your inhibitions free, and experience your sexuality through the portal of imagination. CLICK ON IMAGE TO SHOP SEXY DRESSES IN THE SIM SHOP.


Even after decades and decades of women fighting so hard for equality, many men still feel they are the superior gender. Hmmm…I don’t think so. And so for this role play, we’re going to show our men just how equal we are to them. You, my friend, are going to have complete control during this role play. I encourage you to really immerse yourself in your character. This role play is best played out in an office space if you have one available to you. You are the boss of the company and your husband is one of your employees. You and he have to work on a project together after hours to meet a deadline for the next day. You will take advantage of your role as the superior, and make some sexual innuendos towards him. Say things like, ‘You know I’m your boss and you will do whatever I say,’ Playfully threaten him. Put your head in the state of a dominatrix, just wearing business attire rather than leather, whips, and chains. You can request anything you want from your employee because you are the boss and he MUST follow your orders. Take full advantage of having the authority to make him do whatever you want. Ask yourself before you do this role play, what do I want him to do to me? Do you want him to follow your every command? If you do, then come across like the boss you are and demand in a calm but authoritative way everything you want him to do sexually to you. Take advantage of his subordinate position and do whatever it is you want to do to him. If you want to seduce him, go for it. If you want to dictate what he does to you sexually, then come from that angle. Believe it or not, even the most boss-like men sometimes like to be told what to do sexually and enjoy feeling helpless under the control of the woman; powerless to her seductive behavior. This role play can go in many different directions, so pick the direction you’ll feel the most comfortable playing out. CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW BOSS LADY ROLE PLAY ATTIRE IN THE SIM SHOP.


Buy yourself a sexy little maid outfit and feather duster. (Yes, props are necessary!) If you have children get them off to a relative’s or friend’s house for a few hours. Be prepared when your man gets home from work with outfit on, hair and makeup done, high heels, and feather duster in hand. When he walks in the door, greet him with a big smile and friendly hello. Introduce yourself to him (have a name decided upon). Tell him your wife hired you to come clean the house today. Tell him she just ran out to do a few errands and she’ll be back in an hour. Engage in friendly conversation with him. Remember, you’re complete strangers. Show a genuine interest in what he has to say. Ask him what kind of work he does. Ask him about things you know he would be interested in having a conversation about. Become more flirtatious the more you talk. Don’t forget to walk around a little and touch the furniture with your duster in a distracted manner. After all, you’re intrigued by this man. Bend down in front of him to show off your top or bottom assets. Be playful, be sexy, be suggestive. You have it in you. You do. The skill of flirtation never leaves us, it may just lay dormant for a while (a long while). He will undoubtedly get very excited and play along with this hot scenario virtually every man has fantasized about. Dominate the situation and let him follow your lead. CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW SEXY MAID ROLE PLAY ATTIRE.


What man do you know doesn’t like to be babied when he’s feeling sick? Well, he might not actually be sick but you’re going to baby him just the same. Since he is your patient, you’ll have to check him over from head to toe during your examination. Undress him slowly and seductively with a look of desire in your eyes. Tell him to get on the bed and lie on his back so you may perform a full examination of the front of his body. Stand next to the side of the bed and ask him questions like, ‘Can you tell me where you’re feeling the most pain?’ Touch his head to check for a fever, feel for his pulse on his wrist, and press in on his belly a few times and ask while you’re pressing if it hurts. Get on the bed and situate yourself between his legs. Begin touching him in the way a man might fantasize about a hot nurse taking very special care of him. Give him some good sexual healing like any naughty nurse would. CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW SEXY NURSE ROLE PLAY ATTIRE.



For a successful role play, you must get completely into your character and absolutely lose who you are during your play time. Role play is acting out a fantasy. ‘Regular you’ must leave the premises (sorry…bye-bye!) Whichever character you choose to play, make sure they have a different personality from your own, a different look, and a different attitude. Owning your character and being your character is key to good role playing!  


Whatever role play scenario you are going plan, make sure you get the right props! Role play attire and props are major players which help make your fantasy seem as real as possible. There are role plays you won’t need to have anything special, just your imagination. However, most role plays you will need to buy some fun costume’s. Check out THE SIM SHOP for role play attire, props, and accessories. 


Do not feel like you are stuck in the house for a role play scenario. Many will happen there, yes. But don’t exclude public places, your cars, or hooking up at a spot you individually or mutually decide upon. The sky and your imagination is the limit to how much fun you can have with your role play adventures.


If you can, try to do the suggested role play each month. This is often enough where you can create a good buildup and excitement for each role play, but not too often where it feels like anything resembling a routine. Plan scenarios out together, as well as alone to surprise each other once in a while. The anticipation and planning of a role play is half the fun!


I understand you might feel out of your element with this type of sex play, especially if you’ve never done it before. But honestly, don’t knock it till you try it. I’ve had some of the most passionate and hot sex due to the sexual buildup created through these role play games. It is a chance to become totally uninhibited and escape from routine, especially a sex routine. It’s also a chance to explore other parts of your personalities which is meant to be fun, interesting, and exciting for both of you.  


Many role plays are based on hooking up with a stranger, cheating on each other, you on him, him on you, or you doing things you wouldn’t normally do, etc. Let there be no confusion here. None of these scenarios means you want to cheat, be cheated on, become a call girl, a nurse, or seduce the repairman. Role play is simply a form of escapism, and typically taboo situations create for very hot and exciting scenarios. It’s not reality in any way nor is it a reflection of what either of you truly desire. It’s just playful fantasy.

As you may know, most men are incredibly visual creatures who also happen to enjoy fantasizing. When the time is appropriate, ask your husband not if he has a fantasy but what his fantasy is. Take that information and run with it! There is absolutely nothing wrong with visually stimulating your man and helping him live out a fantasy. He’ll think your the coolest wife on the block for making his fantasies come true.




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