Boring Sex Life? Let’s Change That!

Has the intimate connection between you and your partner steadily weakened over time? Is your sex life predictable, uninteresting, lifeless, or non-existent? Do you wish to rebuild a strong bond of sexual intimacy but you’re unsure how to begin the process?

This must-read guide takes you on an insightful journey of self-discovery to reawaken feelings of freshness and excitement for your partner.

You will learn how to…

  • Understand the Relationship Zones: the Bliss Zone, the Comfort Zone, and the Danger Zone
  • Tune-in to subtle forms of unspoken communication and enhance sexual communication skills
  • Improve self-confidence to feel sexier and discover surefire ways to reconnect with your sexuality
  • Reintroduce affectionate and flirtatious behavior to rekindle passion and desire
  • Enjoy sexual intimacy on a deeper level by learning how to connect to the present moment
  • Explore new and exciting sexual intimacy ideas to take your sex life from ho-hum to hot damn!

Through relatable stories, reflective questions, Sexercise activities, and journaling, Dear Em offers women a platform to actively work toward revitalizing the bond of sexual intimacy with their partners. Her light-hearted, conversational tone and warm sisterly advice offers a refreshingly honest, relevant, and engaging approach to sexual intimacy matters for women in long-term relationships.

Sexual Intimacy Matters
Sexual Intimacy Matters

A complimentary resource to Sexual Intimacy Matters, The Ultimate Guide for Women in Long-Term Relationships, My SIM Journal provides a unique opportunity for honest self-reflection on your journey to reawaken sexual desire and renewed excitement for your partner.

“Awesome read! From the beginning to the end, this guide was filled with excitement, comfort, and visual beauty. Dear Em opened my mind to new possibilities with my husband, and even myself! Right from the start, she encouraged me to explore my sexuality without embarrassment or shame. It may sound silly, but being granted that permission, I found myself reading the guide with an open mind and a sense of freedom. The real-life stories were totally relatable and made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the struggles my husband and I have gone through.”

– Anna M.

“I have to admit, the fun of reading this guide was endless! As a woman, I consider myself lucky to have found a self-help book I was able to really connect with. My husband and I are both grateful for the positive impact this guide has made in our relationship. Thanks a million Dear Em!”

– Victoria B.