So, Who is Dear Em?

Known for her refreshingly authentic and candid style, Dear Em approaches the topic of sexual intimacy matters with an open mind and a well-rounded perspective, sprinkled with some lighthearted humor, because hey, who doesn’t enjoy a good giggle about sex?

Dear Em guides women on a journey of self-discovery to reawaken sexual desire and to experience a rebirth of love, appreciation, and excitement for their partners. She inspires women to explore sexual intimacy matters with abandon and encourages them to become reacquainted with their sexuality through playful curiosity and a sense of adventure.

Earning certifications in relationship and women’s holistic health coaching, coupled with decades of firsthand experience being in long-term relationships, Dear Em has gained a solid understanding of the essential role sexual intimacy plays in a healthy relationship. Her desire to openly share her personal experiences, as well as relatable stories from other couples, is intended to help women understand how the condition of this important bond can either negatively or positively impact long-term relationships.

Acting as a supportive advisor with the compassion of a caring friend, Dear Em helps women rebuild the bond of sexual intimacy through her action-based guide and journal. In addition to The SIM Ultimate Guide for Women in Long-Term Relationships and My SIM Journal, she has several other resources currently in the creative process to help couples bring a rebirth of happiness and excitement back into their relationships.

When she isn’t in the creative clutch of writing, you can find Dear Em involved in some form of soul-nurturing activity. She lives in the Sunshine State with her hubby, Angel.