By Lucy Lee


Denelle dove for the spike and missed it.

                “Sorry, Chloe,” he said, looking up at me and spitting sand out of his mouth.

                That was it. We were officially eliminated from the 2-on-2 mixed beach volleyball competition. “No problem,” I said. “There’s always next weekend.” I helped him to his feet and then helped him brush some of the sand off his round, firm buttocks and his sweat-soaked back.

                Denelle and I had been volleyball partners ever since we met and hooked up as partners at an impromptu competition a couple of months earlier. We made it all the way to the semi-finals this time around, even though we hadn’t won a tournament yet. But each week we got together, we got the chance to know each other a little bit better.

                He was a tall guy, about six-four, with a lean, powerful, dark black body. His muscles glistened under the blazing sun and the hot sand. His ass was big and bold and powerful, and his cock was rigidly outlined against the thin material of his red Speedo. I kept my appreciation for his body in my mind, and away from my hands, for the time being, at least. Until I could feel him out a bit better, so-to-speak.

                “Why don’t we go for a swim to cool off?” he suggested, once we had downed a couple of consolatory cold ones in the crowded beer tent.

                “Good idea,” I said.

                I ran my hand through my long, blonde hair that was bleached almost white from all of the hours I’d spent in the sun chasing balls around. My smooth skin was tanned a deep, golden brown for the same reason. Even with all the exercise, however, I still had a rather girlish body; in fact, a lot of people said that I still looked like a teenage girl, despite my twenty-four years. Part of it, of course, was due to my misleadingly innocent, baby-blue eyes.

                Denelle and I walked out of the protective shade of the tent and back under the torching sun. It must have been a hundred degrees, with only a hint of wind to push the super-heated air around. I was headed for the packed beach beyond the volleyball courts when Denelle suddenly grabbed my arm.

                “Not here. I know a better place,” he said, smiling, his perfect teeth flashing a brilliant white, his brown eyes twinkling.

                “Okay,” I replied. I was game for anything with this stud.

                We hot-footed it through the parking lot and climbed into his sun-baked jeep. He pulled out of the lot and pointed the vehicle south and drove for about half an hour, the traffic getting lighter and lighter, the cottages further and further apart. Finally, he turned off the highway onto a grassy road that led into the brush. Five minutes later, the road abruptly ended and we sat on the cusp of a small, secluded beach. The beach was maybe twenty feet by one hundred feet, and hemmed in by birch and poplar trees which came right down to the water’s edge on either side.

                “No crowd here, that’s for sure,” I commented, as we piled out of the jeep.

                He nodded, pointing at the lake. “There’s a sand bar a ways out. Before that, the water’s pretty deep – but nice and cool.”
                Sounded delicious. I bolted away and bounded into the water, with Denelle in hot pursuit. We were soon up to our necks in the cool, clear water. It felt great.      

After splashing around for awhile, Denelle swam further out into the lake. I dove underneath the tranquil surface of the water, and when I came back up I saw that Denelle was standing on top of the water fifty feet away from me. “Hey, I didn’t know you could walk on water!” I shouted at him.

                “Come and try it yourself!” he yelled back.

                I started to swim out to him, and then found myself crawling and then walking on sand. The water was only up to my ankles on the highest point of the sandbar. “Hey, this is cool!” I said.

                “No doubt. I’m gonna lie down and catch some rays.”

                “I’m with you!”

                He grinned. “Sure you don’t need some more lotion? You white girls get burnt awful easy.”

                “I’ll survive. I’m almost as dark as you.”                

                He laughed and said, “You wish,” and then lay down on his stomach on the sand.

                I stared longingly at his plump, athletic ass, and at his broad, muscular shoulders, then sprawled down next to him. The shallow water acted like a cushion and the feeling was sensational – totally relaxing. As the hot sun beat down on me in my bikini from a cloudless sky, and the water rippled gently against my body, pushed along by a soft breeze that blew in off the lake, I found myself getting drowsier and drowsier, until …   

              I felt Denelle’s hand on my back. It felt good there – warm and strong and reassuring. Then it drifted lower down my back, lower and lower, caressing me as it traveled down my goose-bumped flesh, until it reached my lower back. And my heartfelt prayers were answered when his roving hand didn’t stop there. His big paw slid underneath the elastic band of my bikini bottom and came to rest on my taut, tingling butt cheeks. He began squeezing and fondling my ass as my mind screamed, “Yes!” My nipples sproinged and drilled themselves into the sand, my pussy surging as wet as the water all around us.

                I turned my head and gazed dreamily into Denelle’s liquid brown eyes. “I’ve wanted to ever since I met you, Chloe,” he said, smiling gently. “How ‘bout you?”

                I answered his ridiculous question by scrambling to my knees, rolling him over on his back and diving on top of him.

                “Easy, tiger,” he said, laughing.

                I covered his mouth with mine and kissed him long and hard. His thick, sensuous lips were soft and receptive, then open, and I crowded my tongue inside of his mouth. I ground my heated breasts and body against his body, my pussy and his cock pressing pulsatingly together, and an electric shock shot through me and made me gasp into his mouth. He grabbed my head, forced it back an inch or so, and then painted my lips with his impossibly-pink tongue.

                “Yes,” I murmured, rhythmically pumping my pussy against his rock-hard cock, as he attacked my mouth.

                “Stick out your tongue,” he said.

                I did. He caught it with his strong, white teeth, then replaced teeth with lips and began sucking on it like it was an engorged cock.

                I moaned and stuck my tongue out as far as it would go, reveling in the dizzying feel of his lips and his cock and his body, and the sun and the water. Our total exposure on the water-swept sandbar only heightened the excitement.

                He released my tongue from his loving mouth and simply said “Sixty-nine?”

                I looked down at him and kissed him on the lips. “You have to ask?”

                We stood up on shaky legs and hastily stripped off our swim suits. His cock sprang out into the gentle summer breeze and my heart almost stopped. It was blue-black and big – like a thick, thick stick of eight-inch long licorice. And it was still growing. He stared at my small boobs and perky nipples and shaved pink pussy and whistled his appreciation.

                “Heads or tails?” he asked, grinning.

                “Heads,” I called quickly. I’d need all the leverage I could get to swallow his massive organ if swallowing it was at all possible.

                He lay back down on the sand and I climbed over top of him. I positioned my dripping pussy just above his face, and he firmly gripped my butt cheeks and pulled me down to his mouth without hesitation.

                “Yes!” I exhaled deeply, the sensation of his warm, wet tongue licking my slit virtually unbearable.

                He lapped me with gusto, then vacuum-sealed my protruding clit in his heated mouth and sucked long and hard. The stud obviously knew his way around a woman’s pussy. I shuddered and shivered with delight, my boobs jumping spasmodically.

                Then I got down and dirty. I held his massive rod by the base, then flicked my tongue across his gigantic hood. He groaned, and the sound coursed through my mouth-wrapped clit and into my body, setting me further ablaze. I cupped Denelle’s big, black balls, played with them, and then lowered my head further down on his pole, letting his cock sink into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his dick, sucking his raging erection, licking it, biting it.

                “Yeah, that feels great!” he moaned, momentarily pushing my soaking pussy away from his velvet mouth.

                “You ain’t felt nothin’ yet,” I told him. I sucked his cock deep into my mouth and my head went down like the setting sun.

                Inch by massive, rock-hard inch I slid that giant cock into my mouth. He cried out when I’d buried half of it and his bloated cockhead slammed against the back of my throat; cried out yet again when I determinedly lowered my blonde head even further and gulped his black cock down to the gag point and beyond. I jammed it into my throat.

                His body tensed, quivered, and he frantically slurped my slit and clit in an effort to divert his lust-addled mind from the towering sexual pressure on his cock, as I crammed more and more of him into my greedy mouth. His body jerked when my nose plowed into his balls and my tongue snaked out to explore the pube-covered skin at the base of his mighty dick. I had deep-throated his entire cock.

                He abandoned his post, all senses lost. His head lolled about in the sand and the water, and his body flashed repeatedly with the erotic shocks of heavy-duty cock-swallowing. His breathing was hard and erratic. His cock was buried deep within my throat, to the hilt, and breath whistled out of my flared nostrils as I desperately tried to hold onto the perfect moment for as long as I possibly could.

                “I’m gonna cum!” he yelled, his fingers digging into my ass, clawing for a grip on reality.

                I didn’t want him to come just yet – I had something else in mind – but it’s difficult making your feelings known when you’ve got a monster cock plugged to the balls inside your mouth and throat. So I grasped Denelle’s muscled thighs and pushed back, and he and I watched feverishly as his drenched and glistening cock slid out of my mouth. Inch by sopping wet inch I disgorged his humungous erection, until, finally, his cock popped out and I gasped for air, my mouth stretched but triumphant.

                “I want to you to fuck me!” I gasped, grabbing his slick dick in my hand and pulling on it.

                He eagerly nodded his agreement, and I spun around on top of the laid-out guy, grabbed onto his towering cock and stuffed its deep-purple tip into my eager pussy. “Oh God, yes!” I sang to the sun, lowering myself all the way down Denelle’s rigid pole until my ass cheeks kissed his balls.

                I dug my fingernails into his clenched, muscled chest and moved my ass up and down, riding him, riding his studly cock, the warm water rushing all around us. He grabbed onto my arms and desperately pushed upwards, pumping his hips, his rhythm matching mine, his dick pistoning powerfully inside me.

                I thrust my head down and took his tongue into my mouth, sucked on it as I bounced up and down on his cock. My body went electric with the imminent release. He grasped my bouncing breasts, groped them with his huge hands, and I exploded. A wet, wonderful, wickedly heated orgasm began to tidal-wave through me, as my beach boy grunted below and pulsed hot sperm from his thrusting pipe deep into my pussy.

                “I’m cumming, baby!” he yelled, gritting his teeth, his face contorted in sheer sexual agony as he pounded his spraying cock into me, crushing my tits in his hands.

                “I’m cumming, too!” I screamed back, jumping and jerking on top of the man’s cock, juiced with cum and uncontrollable joy.

                After a blissful eternity, I pried open my weary eyes and gazed down at my languid lover. He squeezed my boobs and tweaked my nipples, a satiated smile on his thick lips.

                “Kiss me, baby,” he husked.

                I fell on top of him and mashed my lips against his, our wasted bodies glued together, the warm waves of the lake gently lapping at our dazzling nakedness, the sun beaming down.

                I felt his hand on my back, and …

                He was shaking me.

                My eyes popped open. “Huh, what?” I mumbled, dazed.

                “You were sleeping,” he said, grinning. “Have a good dream?”

                “Huh?” I couldn’t believe that it had all been a dream. It had seemed so real. I squinted at him, felt my moist pussy and hard nipples pulsating against the hot, wet sand. “Yes, it was-”

                I cut off the chatter when I felt his hand drifting lower and lower down my back.