Flash Flood


By Heather Towne

When my boyfriend Donny broke his leg tube-tobogganing with a bunch of his drunken buddies two days before we were scheduled to jet off to Australia for Christmas vacation, I was thoroughly pissed. I thought about canceling the trip, staying home on the farm outside snowy Grand Prairie, Alberta. But since the hotel reservation was non-refundable and the local seven-day forecast called for bitter cold followed by brutal cold, I didn’t think about it for too long. I kissed Donny and his cast goodbye and waded through the snowdrifts to my waiting taxi.

            Living in the rural area with my parents, the farthest I’d ever been away from home before was Edmonton, for a family funeral. The down-under wonder trip represented my first chance to get out on my own, spread my wings, expand my horizons, see new things, and meet new people before my twenty-first birthday. Being a country girl, I’d toppled a few cows and flashed a few truck drivers in my time, but that’s about as wild as it’d ever gotten for me.

            It was -30 C when I stepped on the plane in Edmonton, + 30 C when I skipped off in Sydney. I dashed out of the airport and into Old Sol’s smiling embrace, hurling my toque in the air like a sun-struck Mary Tyler Moore.

            Sydney was spectacular; the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and The Rocks, not to mention the hot golden-sand beaches and warm crystal-clear ocean. I got all the formal touristy things out of the way early so I could post some images on Facebook for my parents and Donny. Then I tied on a string bikini and spent the rest of my time at the beach, pale winter homebody browning ripe and juicy under the blazing sun.

            Usually after a tough day at the beach, I’d catch a quick catnap in my hotel room before going out to dinner and enjoying the Sydney nightlife. But when I’d spent one particular eye-opening afternoon basking on Cobbler’s Beach, a nude beach, I found myself fired up by more than hot sun and twinkling seascape.

            When I returned back to my tenth floor hotel room that afternoon, I sat on the edge of my bed, glowing. My mind floated back to one particularly good-looking couple I’d scoped; a rugged, blond All-Australian hunk and his big-boobed, sandy-haired girlfriend. They’d been frolicking surfside, naked-as-you-please, hard bodies gleaming bronze, soft body parts jiggling and bobbing delightfully.

            I slid off the bed and stood in front of the mirror on the wall, hands dangling at my sides like a sexual gunslinger, itching for some action. I was wearing just a white ‘Aussie Rules’ t-shirt and pale blue shorty-shorts. I stared at myself, nipples hardening and pussy dampening, as I pictured the blond beach couple (Guy and Kylie, as I’d named them) coming together in the water, their nude, sun-browned bodies melding together, lips meeting in a lovers embrace.

            Guy crushed Kylie against his muscled chest, his big hands splaying over her arched back, down her back, and onto her plush, rounded bottom. He gripped and squeezed her taut, golden butt cheeks, Kylie moaning in his mouth, their pink tongues flashing together in the brilliant sunshine.

            We had the glittering beach all to ourselves, Guy and Kylie in the surging water, kissing and frenching and fondling, me on-shore, stripping away my bikini, flashing the lovers and the continent. They glanced at me, their eyes shining, appraising my bared body and nodding their approval. Then Kylie tilted her head back, blond hair streaming, and Guy attacked her throat, kissing and licking the soft, vulnerable skin, biting gently.

            I gasped as Kylie gasped, staring at my wicked reflection, my shirt and shorts somehow puddled at my feet. I lifted my hands, fingers trembling, and cupped my naked breasts. “Ummm” I groaned, squeezing the electrified, handful mounds, sending a current sparking all through me.

            I shook out my long, black tresses and kneaded my tan-lined boobs, pink nipples jutting rigid, sniffing the salty air, buzzing with anticipation. The Aussies were kissing each other again, Guy’s strong hands plying Kylie’s plump buttocks, Kylie grabbing Guy’s head and savaging his mouth.

            I inched twitching fingers up to my nipples, my whole body shaking, heavy with erotic heat. And then … rain hissed down. 

            I was standing in front of the open sliding door that led out to the balcony, just a thin, gauze curtain separating me from the outside world, and I briefly watched the raindrops peck into the green indoor-outdoor carpeting. But I wasn’t about to let a little rain ruin my illusion; I incorporated it into my fantasy.

            I stepped closer to the opening, still reflected in the mirror, my mind’s eye still on Guy and Kylie. I stuck my hand out the curtain and grabbed some liquid sunshine, splashing it over my body. I swear I could hear it sizzle. I splashed on some more, until I was almost as wet as the daring, dazzling couple making love in the ocean. Then I placed my hands back on my tingling breasts and squeezed again, crawling my fingers up and pinching my needful nipples.

            “Yes” I whispered to myself, a sweet burning sensation shimmering in from my buds all through my body. I gently pulled on my engorged nipples, then not so gently.

            I closed my eyes and was swept away, Guy gripping his long, hard cock and plunging it into Kylie’s pussy. She cried out, jumping up and wrapping her gleaming legs around Guy’s waist, her arms around his neck. He held her by the bum and pumped his hips, cock gliding back and forth deep into her pussy, right in front of little overexposed me.

            I slid a hand down my stomach and in between my legs, feeling my soft, springy pubic hair, then pressing my finger tips into my puffed-up clit. My head spun and I shuddered, pussy flaming wet-hot as the rest of me.

            Guy, plunging his glistening cock in Kylie’s gripping pussy, muscles flexed on his legs and arms and back. Kylie held onto the man’s neck, bouncing her ass on his thrusting pole, swarming her tongue into his mouth, her body and breasts rocking in rhythm to Guy’s pounding cock.

            I anxiously kneaded my soft, sensitive tit-flesh, rubbing and rubbing and rubbing my swollen clit. I thrust a hand out the curtain and scooped up more rainwater, flinging it on my pussy and chest, oiling my erotic actions. I pinched a nipple so hard I thought it would burst, me along with it.

            The rain was pouring down now, inches away from me, dark clouds rolling in and swallowing the sun. But all I saw was Guy in the sparkling water under the cloudless sky, fucking Kylie. She spasmed in his muscular arms, breasts shuddering, body jolted by ecstasy. She clutched the man’s face to her tits as orgasm broke loose inside her and washed her away.

            I dove three fingers into my slippery folds, plunging two knuckles deep. I pumped my pussy like Guy was pumping the orgasm-blissed Kylie, thumb riding my clit, fingers rolling my nipples. Guy’s mouth broke open and his body jerked. He pulsed his hot semen deep into Kylie, the two of them cumming as one, shaking so badly they threatened to topple over and tumble into the ocean.

            And right then, a wet, wicked orgasm welled up from my finger-churned pussy and thumb-buffed clit and went tidal-waving through my water-dappled body, sending me out to sea with my fantasy lovers. My knees buckled under the wall of ecstasy, and I squirted my joy, sinking to the sand/carpet and gasping for air.

            It was a full minute before I finally reopened my eyes. I blinked at the nude, kneeling girl in the mirror. Then I eased drenched fingers out of my sopping pussy. Still dripping, I climbed to my feet and staggered through the curtain out onto the balcony, letting the driving rain cool me down a little and wash away the sticky evidence of my self-fulfillment.

            The spray felt good on my super-heated skin, and I arched my body to meet it, tilting my head back and closing my eyes and opening my mouth. It was a full-fledged rainstorm now, lightning streaking the blackened sky, thunder booming, flash flooding likely in some of the outlying areas, I read in the literature.

            Someone giggled.

            My eyes flew open and I straightened up with a snap. Standing on the balcony next to mine, close by the railing less than six feet away, were a man and woman, staring at me, lascivious smiles lighting up their faces, and my naked body.

            I flung an arm over my breasts, a hand in between my legs. The man laughed, said something in German or Dutch, and I shrieked, “I’m Canadian!”

            He pointed at his eyes, then into my room. “We see,” he said, grinning.

            I spun around. The mirror in my room was clearly visible through the gauze curtain. I spun back around, my hand jumping from my butt back to my pussy. The man and the woman were as soaked as I was, and standing at the angle they were, they’d been watching me playing with myself in the mirror! 

            I blushed red as Ayers Rock.

            “I’m Ralf,” the guy said pleasantly, like witnessing a girl pleasuring herself was all in a day’s vacation. He held his companion’s shoulders. “And this is Astrid. We … join you?”

            My mouth clanged open as I watched Ralf climb over his balcony and onto mine. He helped Astrid on over, and we all stood there together on the forty-square-feet of carpet and concrete and railing, me naked as the break of day. My guests soon joined me in that, as well.

            They quickly and unabashedly peeled off their soaking duds, stepping out of the sodden piles of clothing as blazingly and blatantly as nude as I was – right out there on my ocean-view perch for all commercial and recreational vessels, parasailers and pilots, and neighboring balcony-dwellers to see. I could hardly believe what was happening, what my inadvertently public exhibition of lust had gotten me into.

            I stared at the pair, the sky dousing us with rain. They looked like twins – both tall and lean, with sun-bleached blond hair and eyebrows, all-over tans, and big, blue, expressive eyes. Astrid’s hair was styled in one long braid down her back, her breasts high, almost upturned, protruding, creamed-coffee nipples punctured by twin silver barbells. Her pussy was bare as the Australian outback, a silver ring through her puffy lips.

            Ralf’s face was squarer than Astrid’s, his hair buzzcut at the sides, his body smooth and sinewy, tattoos adorning his shoulders. My eyes drifted lower, down to his cock, and widened even further when I saw that the thick, tan-colored member was growing, rising up right before my wide eyes.

            Ralf pointed at the mirror and said, “We help you enjoy … .” He made a circling motion with his finger. “All of us.”

            Astrid nodded, smiling. She touched my shoulder, and I shivered, despite the warm rain and sultry temperature. Then she strolled in behind me and gripped my shoulders, squeezed them, pressing her breasts and body against my back. A sensual lightning bolt shot through me, shimmering at the pointed tips of my breasts and deep in my pussy.

            I felt weak and safe and wonderful, Astrid holding me against her soft, hot body, rain spraying my tingling skin. I closed my eyes and sighed. Then I felt hands on my boobs, and my eyes flew open. Ralf was cupping my breasts, caressing them, staring at me with his bright, blue eyes. His long fingers captured the swollen peaks of my tits and pinched.

            “Mmmm!” I moaned.

            It was pure insanity, getting felt up by a couple of complete strangers on an overexposed hotel balcony in the middle of a thunderstorm. But my uptight upbringing and safety-first attitude were stowed nine thousand miles away. And so when Ralf softly kissed me, I leaned into his lips, drawn like lightning to an iron rod.

            He kissed Astrid over my shoulder, then me again, more firmly this time. And when he came back a third time, we mashed our mouths together. He darted his tongue in between my lips, bumping into my tongue, his cock pressing hard and hot against my belly.

            We swirled our tongues together, my head spinning in time, Ralf moving his hips, sliding his prick against my rain-slicked skin. Then he pulled back and frenched with Astrid, and another set of hands grasped my breasts – Astrid’s. She cupped and massaged my boobs, never breaking tongue-contact with Ralf.

            Ralf put his hands on my hips and lowered his head, tickling one of my stiffened nipples with the tip of his tongue. I gasped. Astrid bit into my neck, clutching my tits, feeding them to her lover – my lover.

            Ralf swirled his wet, pink tongue around first one engorged bud and then the other, painting my pebbly aureoles. I quivered with delight, Astrid licking and kissing and biting my neck, squeezing my breasts, Ralf tonguing my nipples, the three of us standing out there for the whole wide rain-drenched world to see.

            Ralf sealed his lips around one of my nipples and sucked on it, and I went wetter yet. He tugged my charged-up bud even harder and higher, his hot breath flooding my chest. Then he disgorged my nipple, inflamed and dripping, and sucked on my other bud. Astrid’s nimble fingers took up where the guy’s mouth left off, rolling my nipple. And when she bit into my earlobe at the same time Ralf bit into an aching nipple, I yelped with joy, overcome by it all.

            It went on and on like that, my brain fuzzy and my body limp and languid, overheated. Until at last I found myself on my knees on the sopping carpet, Astrid next to me, Ralf’s big, dripping cock between the two of us. Lightning lit up the sky, thunder rattling the building, as Astrid encircled Ralf’s thick shaft with her fingers and pulled him into her mouth, sucking on just the tip of his cock. Her blazing blue eyes locked onto mine, daring me to do the same.

            Ralf groaned. I looked up at the trembling man, rain streaming down his sun-browned torso. I held onto his leg for support, my hand traveling over a firm, clenched buttock. Then I felt something bump against my cheek, and I looked back down. It was Ralf’s cock, shiny from Astrid’s mouth, ready for mine.

            I swallowed, hard. Then I opened my mouth and took Ralf’s cock in between my lips. He groaned, grabbed onto my head. I brushed Astrid’s hand away and gripped the man’s shaft, growing as bold and wicked as the piled-up black clouds overhead.

            Ralf’s cock throbbed in my hand. I pushed my dizzy head forward, taking more and more of him into my mouth, before pulling back, sucking on his cock. I bobbed my head up and down, pulsing meat sliding between my lips. I grasped his tightened sack, and his cock jerked in my mouth.

            The feeling of wanton power from having a man by the cock and balls was electrifying, and I was loathe to relinquish it. But Astrid wrestled Ralf’s prick away from me and sucked on it herself. We passed his waterlogged cock back and forth between the two of us, licking and sucking, diving down and then slow-pulling back up, again and again, as the rain poured down upon us.

            Then Astrid slid her lips along one side of Ralf’s pulsating erection, and I the other, sharing the man. He clawed at our hair, his body vibrating. We swept back and forth on his shaft, our tongues meeting on the veiny underside, our lips meeting at the enlarged tip. Ralf pushed our heads together and we girls french kissed, tongues excitedly entwining.

            Eventually, I ended up on all-fours, with Ralf behind me and Astrid sprawled out and spread wide in front of me. She gripped her tits and looked meaningfully at her baby-faced snatch, then at me. I gulped, grabbed onto the woman’s thighs and dipped my tongue into her glistening wet lips.

            She moaned as I wagged my tongue across her pussy, tasting and teasing, then dragged my tongue slow and heavy up her slit, from her asshole up to her silver-ringed clit. I licked her over and over, like I knew what I was doing, Ralf urging me on with cock-whacks to my trembling ass cheeks.

            I spread Astrid’s pussy open with my fingers and licked at her inner pink, toying with her silver ring, before latching my lips onto her swollen clit and sucking. Ralf rewarded me by pushing his cock into my pussy. He sank inside me like a beach umbrella into wet sand, until his body touched up against my ass. Then he started fucking me, holding my hips and stroking his cock in and out of my smoldering pussy.

            I had trouble breathing, keeping a slippery grip on sanity and consciousness, as I sucked on a woman’s clit while a man pumped cock into my pussy. Astrid pressed my head against her delicious pussy, her sweet scent and tangy juices flooding my senses, Ralf rocking me from behind, filling me to overflowing, the rain sheeting down on our burning bodies and rising as steam.

            Lightning crackled and thunder boomed, and I quivered out-of-control, a mammoth orgasm rising up from my pussy and cascading through my body, sending me sailing. I desperately licked Astrid’s slit, fingered her clit. She screamed and shuddered, her hot juices pouring into my mouth, just about drowning me. Ralf cried out too, splashing against me, warm semen flooding my gushing pussy, the three of us a roiling sea of ecstasy.

            It took a long time for us to detangle, everyone soaked and satisfied. Ralf helped Astrid and me to our feet, whereupon we all received a rousing ovation from the two guys hanging off the balcony directly above mine. Later that night, they ended up in my vacation plans, too.

            It’s amazing what a change of scenery and a little exposure will do for your outlook on life – and your sex life.