Maldives Getaway


By Sasha Belov  

High above the Indian Ocean, long white streaks trailed the wings a small commercial plane. From below, they resembled the wedding veil of a runaway bride, dashing full-tilt into the wind. On board, Gwendolyn and Brett were running away from something, but it was not each other. They were shamelessly infatuated with one another.

Still feeling a little frisky, they seated themselves back in First Class. They had just finished joining the mile-high club, or at least they had just finished joining as a couple. Neither was a stranger to sex, flying, or the combination of both. Brett motioned for two flutes of Dom Pérignon, and they toasted simply and wordlessly, betraying only a knowing smile. They both knew full well what they were celebrating.

Gwendolyn crossed her legs and gently grazed her neckline with a finger, her hand as delicate and poised as one of Degas’ ballerinas. Her small breasts were still perspiring lightly beneath her beige summer dress. Brazenly following the trail of her fingers, Brett’s gaze paused on one of her open buttonholes. The look of it, skin-tone and slit open, transported him to a recent moment in the bathroom when his eyes were fixed lower on her body. The resemblance charmed him.

Brett had rugged good looks and sandy blonde hair. In a past life, he might have been a tattooed Scandinavian deckhand or an Olympic contending high diver. His slender, toned body looked especially inviting in a swimsuit, and Gwendolyn had been looking forward to touching his body wet with ocean water and kissing his salty lips. She watched them admiringly.

“We’ll touch down soon,” he said and she nodded, still watching.

They would arrive in Malé, the capital of the Maldives, resort islands prized for their privacy. Brett could afford it, having been born with the mind and muscle of a tycoon. Gwendolyn often said that he had the Midas touch, that everything he touched turned to gold, and he often responded that she had been golden long before he ever touched her.

“Have I told you about the glowing tide?” he asked, stroking a short section of her finger with his.

“I’m listening,” she said, curling a soft fist beneath her chin.

“On one of the northern shores, there are billions of luminescent organisms in the water. The movement of the waves shakes them into emitting a bright blue light. The whole shore is covered with glowing water.”

“Perfect,” she replied, “Will you teach them to shine gold?”

When they landed, they donned sunglasses and made their way to the chartered speedboat Brett had arranged beforehand. He turned the key and revved the powerful engine with an enormous smile, the careless grin that he reserved only for her, and they sped off toward the island.

Once out of sight, Gwendolyn slipped in front of Brett, who was standing at the helm and keeping the boat on its heading. The wind was rippling through her hair, exposing an ear, and he nibbled at it gently. It was a favorite trick of his to remove her earrings with his teeth, and he did it now as effortlessly as always. He loved the enclave of her long neck, how ticklish she could be, and how unfailingly erotic she found his wet, massaging lips.

She bent forward, placing her hands on the instruments and pressing her ass into him. She swayed back and forth, moving in sideways figure-8 pattern, then turned around and said with her eyes, “I could do this forever.” They had a sexual language in these moments. He would press his hips forward and she would begin to shake, her cheeks bouncing left and right, left and right over him. When he pulled back, she would switch into a slow, soft grind.

Sensing that he was swelling underneath his zipper, and knowing that he had fantasized about this scenario, she turned around and slid her dress off her shoulders. Then, with practiced hands, she unbuttoned his shirt. As the last one broke loose, she returned her hands to his neck, softly ran her fingertips down the toned terrain of his chest and torso, and narrowed in on the belt buckle that seemed begging for release. Tossing it aside, she lowered herself and his pants simultaneously. The bulge beneath was unreal, as though he had stuffed a fist inside. Opening her mouth wide, she gave it soft, playful bites through his underwear, looking up to see if he was watched her or the ocean. He was watching her, and he wanted it so bad he had already begun to calmly control his breathing. He wanted it to last. She pulled down the elastic carefully, keeping pressure on his cock so that it would fling upward once she finally pulled far enough. It was a sight she had never grown tired of. She pulled so far the elastic almost couldn’t stretch farther. It bounced upward, and her eyes lit up in fond appreciation.

Somehow his cock always tasted delicious. As she held his cock in her mouth, he flexed in spurts, rushing blood to the tip and swelling his head on her tongue. He pushed forward, and she shook her cheeks. He pulled back, and she rolled in great, loving circles until he was about to cum. Then, as the moment arrived and could not be stopped, she closed her eyes and received him like flowers opening themselves to the rain. When he finished, she looked perky and refreshed.

An hour later, they docked at their overwater bungalow, rented for the weekend. It jutted over the aquamarine water a couple hundred meters from the shore. The bedroom led straight onto the deck, and the deck led straight into the water. Some of the floor was glass to show the fish below.

“It’s gorgeous,” she said.

“We have the beach to ourselves,” he replied.

As he was unpacking his things, he heard her feet patter across the dark hardwood floors. Looking up, he caught the last glimpse of her svelte body disappearing into the water, fully nude. He walked to the deck, sat down, and watched her tread out in a straight line, her figure rotating back and forth in the calm tide. He watched the side of her small, wonderful breasts emerging from the water as her shapely calves kicked away. He was envious of the water. It had the unimaginable pleasure of touching her entire body at once, the unknowable pleasure of rushing along every lovely line of her form. She kicked far out into the ocean, fearless, and all the while he watched, feeling none of the time pass. She swam partly for the love of feeling water slide across her, but also because she instinctively understood that distance was essential to foreplay. The further their distance now, the more absolutely they would feel their closeness later. Brett also understood this, and as she rested and floated far away from him, preparing for her return, he disappeared inside. When she climbed onto the deck, a hundred rivulets of water coursing down her figure, he was there watching and waiting with a bottle of chilled white wine and two stemless glasses.

“The shape of a wine glass always reminds me of your breasts,” he said, gently cupping his glass and licking the outside from base to lip. She laughed marvelously. He sat down on a cushioned teak chair and beckoned her closer.

“They will be wondering where we are by now,” she said, the mood dropping as she sat in the chair beside him.

“To Hell with them,” he replied.

Her hand found its way across to his, and they interlocked little fingers. That was all that needed to be said about their situation back home. They had left, in patently spontaneous style, and now was the time for forgetting. Their getaway marked a new chapter in their story. As the sun dipped toward the sea, its white reflection shattered into countless shards across the ocean surface, they bid a silent farewell to those who wanted control over their horizons.

“We should walk,” Gwendolyn suggested.

“Perfect,” he replied, “Let’s go to the North Shore.”

Bringing nothing with them, not even their suits, they meandered north. At times, she would take off for the waves, happy-go-lucky as a young girl. He would pursue, catching her body and twisting it up with his own as they fell into the water together. Their path of footprints trailed in and out of the water for a mile behind them.

As they reached the northern side of the isle, the palms began to bend almost horizontally over the beach. Gwendolyn watched as Brett climbed onto one. Hanging beneath it from his arms and legs, he moved steadily toward the top of the palm. Gwendolyn followed beneath, walking backward and observing his dozens of powerful back muscles work without fatigue. When his body was in the right position, he let go with his hands. Legs wrapped around the trunk, he hung upside down before her. She moved in close and stood up on her toes to put their lips at the same level. Both wrapped their hands around the other’s neck to steady themselves, and they kissed. They met each other’s lips softly and slowly, barely touching at first, taking their time and savoring the feel of soft, delicately curved skin. They treasured the lovely little sounds of wet lips opening and closing, meeting and parting. By and by, Brett slipped in his tongue, touching hers only at the tip, where the taste is the sweetest. In unison, they began to move deeper and swirled their tongues together slowly so as to feel with the greatest sensitivity. Getting hot and beginning to feel her blood move to between her legs, Gwendolyn reached up extra high to bite the top of his ear and whisper, “Come down here.”

Opening their eyes, night had begun to fall. The sky had the dark hue of twilight, and the stars were coming out. The moon, though just a sliver, had grown bolder in its brightness and was beginning to throw its own white shards across the wine-dark ocean.

Brett held her close from behind as they stood watching the waves roll in. They were growing in intensity, and as they became more powerful they stirred up the bioluminescence. The shoreline was beginning to glow. They enjoyed it wordlessly, already knowing they were moving in emotional unison. Brett’s hands wandered carefree about Gwendolyn’s body. She felt his fingertips graze upwards along her thighs, moving outward to her hips, coming together over stomach. They traced the cups of her shapely breasts, and sometimes a single finger explored alone, roaming between her breasts or along her inner thigh just below the lips of her vulva. It lulled her into a deep, sensual trance. His fingertips made her feel not just pleasure, but his tender desire for her. They made her feel wanted and known. His fingers made her feel seen.

Whipping around in a tight circle, she faced him with an expression of affection that only he could evoke. He cupped her flushed cheeks in his masculine hands and kissed her beside her eyes. He kissed again on her eyelids. He moved into the soft nook underneath her jaw and kissed her with an open mouth and tiny licks of his tongue while a hand tossed through her hair. The other hand slid down her thigh, stopping at the bend of her knee and lifted her leg to his side. Her pussy was pressing against his upper thigh. She rubbed it gently along the muscular groove of his leg. Feeling her wetness against his bare skin, he doubled in size.

As she moved her hands to the back of his neck, he hoisted her other leg upward, and she wrapped them both around his ass. His cock pressed flat against his abdomen, its head now reaching past his belly button, she slid her slit on top of it. Pivoting her hips up and down, she massaged the exposed bottom of his cock with her lips. Supporting her handily, he walked a few feet deep in the tide. As the waves crashed toward them, he braced for the impact and allowed the glowing waves to crash into her ass, the watering running between her cheeks and over her tingling rim.

He wandered out further into the brilliant ocean until the water swallowed their marvelous asses. He held her close, put a little pressure on her lower lip with his teeth, and pressed their foreheads and noses together. Then, lifting her while lowering his hips, he positioned his cock to enter her. Always at this moment, no matter how gentle or tender the sex, she was afraid that her cock was going to devastate her pussy.

His head slipped through her. He glided through the wet glory. Supported by his strong hands, she leaned back and dipped her hair in the water, lowering it into the ocean until the warm water touched her head. A little whimper of pleasure escaped her. There was no need to pretend with loud gasps because she always finished. His thumbs pressed high on her hips and his thick fingers pressed high on her ass. She closed her fingers tight around the girth of his forearms. He guided her body, moving rhythmically in the tide. He pulled her onto his shaft, entering her temple again and again. This was their religion and their ecstasy. It was pure revelation. He moved her body far away from him, running the entire length of his cock. Every time a new thrust began, she felt the surging width of his cockhead pass under her fully blossomed g-spot. Sometimes he slowed the pace and thrust only in the first half of her pussy, repeatedly massaging her g-spot in quick succession. Then unexpectedly, he slid all the way, deep, deep inside her. The sensation was too pleasurable for her body to experience at once. It seized in a moment of shocking pleasure.

As her breathing quickened a little, her small breasts moved gorgeously before him. They were wet with ocean water, bathed in moonlight and the glow of the water, and perky. She was getting close, and he felt it. He could have been blind and deaf and still he would know when she was about to come. She felt like holding on tighter, and she felt like letting go completely. He held her with his fingers wrapped around the back of her knees, one of her favorite erogenous zones. She let go with her hands, spreading them wide as she filled her lungs with air, and floated in the water. She held her breath until she came. He kept manipulating her hips to wrap around his dick, consuming its length ravenously again and again. Her lust for his cock was reaching a new height. He was fucking her golden lust right out of her mind. With her breath held, and the soft water enveloping her body, and the rigid power of him inside her, she unleashed herself with a wild convulsion and gyration of her hips. As she came, he felt her powerful release, and he came with her, powerfully feeding her greedy body. He lifted her from the water with his palm in the small of her back, and she inhaled deeply.

As he exited her slowly, her legs relaxed around his hips. She floated and he supported her, feeling truly weightless in the aftermath of her beautiful cum. After a minute of relaxing, giving her hyper-stimulated body time to relax, he guided his still-hard dick back to her slit. He pushed in gently. With his cock as the pivot, he brought her chest to his. They put their faces cheek to cheek and laughed together, feeling triumphant and infinitely close. They kissed each other in slow succession and between uncontrollable smiles.

Still mounted on his body and close to his warm, wet chest, she suckled on his ear as he carried her back to shore. As he came to where the ocean meets the land, he laid her down. He hovered over her, watching her smiling eyes. He rolled her over on top of him. The tide was washing up, nibbling at their toes. They lay together, faces illuminated by soft, blue water.