Marital Martyr


By Lucy Lee

Justin parked his car in the lot and then ran the two blocks to his office building, elbowed his way into a crowded elevator and then waited impatiently to rise to the 40th floor.

Finally, he jumped out of the elevator and jogged past the reception area without even acknowledging the greeting from the busty young receptionist, Kylie, behind the desk. He made his way down the hallway past other just arrived coworkers and at last reached his small office, slipped inside and shut and locked the door, then stopped briefly to catch his breath.

He moved quickly in behind his desk and sat down in his chair, popped open his company laptop and flicked it on. He drummed his fingers on the desk, waiting for the computer to become fully operational, which took all of twenty seconds.

Justin moved the pointer and clicked on the camera icon on-screen, and the computer screen split into four images – of the exterior of his house in the suburbs. He licked his lips, his palms damp, his fingers trembling. There was a van in his driveway – ‘Furnace Men’ was painted in large orange letters on the side of the white trade van. Justin swallowed hard.

He scrolled another four camera shots onto the computer screen, these ones of the interior of his modest home located in the quiet, leafy, outlying neighborhood. These angles showed his living room, kitchen, and two of the bedrooms on the first floor.


And then Justin cursed himself and gritted his teeth. Of course, the furnace man would be down in the basement, where the furnace was. He scrolled again, and the four-squared screen showed him his basement, including the small, enclosed room next to the laundry room where the furnace was located – where his wife was getting fucked by the furnace man.

Justin bit his lip and clicked onto that camera angle, so that one shot filled the screen now. Layla was down on her knees in front of a tall, thin guy, who had his grey jumpsuit uniform down around his ankles. He was gripping Layla’s blonde head and pumping his hips, thrusting his erect cock back and forth in her suctioning mouth.

Justin clenched his small hands into fists, leaning forward in his chair, watching his wife getting her mouth fucked, watching her blow another man. She had her slender hands up on the man’s butt cheeks in back, gripping the clenching pair, her fingernails dug in, urging the grunting stranger on, taking all of his cock into her mouth; vaccing his organ tight and wet as it shifted rapidly back and forth in her mouth.

He adjusted the volume, staring at the stunning scene on the computer screen. It was in clear, blazing color, the sound just as crisp and provocative. Justin was a tech expert, after all, knew all about wiring and surveillance. He watched Layla ardently suck the man’s cock, hearing his urgent groans and her excited slurping. And then, with his eyes still glued to the screen, he pushed back in his chair and tore his suit pants open, sprang up and shoved his pants and briefs down, dropped back into his office chair again, his hard, throbbing cock in his right hand.

Justin glared at his wife blowing the furnace man, fisting his own massive erection in perfect rhythm to her sucking and the man’s pumping. He gripped his balls with his other hand, arching up off the chair, squeezing his sack and jacking his cock. It was 8:57 a.m. His wife had gotten an early start on her cheating today.

The furnace man suddenly pulled on Layla’s long hair and slammed his cock into her mouth, obviously getting ready to cum. His swarthy face shone with sweat, his eyes narrowed in sexual anguish, drool leaking out of the corner of his open mouth. Justin’s hand flew on his cock. Layla smiled, her mouth and throat easily, and expertly, accommodating the organ fucking her face, her lips wrapping and gliding it. And then she jerked her head back, spitting the man’s cock out, leaving it and him dangling and twitching.

“I want the full service,” Justin heard her say, watching his wife get to her feet.

She stood in front of the gasping man in the furnace room, slowly and seductively unbuttoning her green dress at the back. She let the slinky garment slide down off her curvy body, until she was standing in just her white high heels, otherwise naked.

The furnace man and Justin both caught their breath. Layla was a vision of sexy feminine beauty, even down there in that dusty, stuffy furnace room. Her body was tanned golden brown. Her breasts thrust off her chest, large and conical, tipped by thick, long, deeper-brown nipples centered in wide areolas. Her stomach was flat and waist narrow, hips flared, legs like her arms slim and shapely and smooth. Her pussy was strip-shaved with a line of blonde hair.

Justin’s clenched cock pulsated between his gripping fingers. The other man’s slickened cock seemed to rise up even higher, and harder, sniffing at Justin’s wife. Layla leaned back against one of the green metal walls of the dead furnace and extended a forefinger at the gaping man. He stumbled forward, and she grabbed onto his jutting cock and neatly slotted the meaty tip into her pussy, then thrust her lithe hips forward to swallow up all his entire rock hard cock. He grunted and grabbed onto her big tits. She slid her arms around his sweaty neck.

Justin’s hand moved up and down his own erection again, at pace now with the man pumping his wife’s pussy. His face was bathed in sweat like the furnace man’s, his breath also coming in ragged gasps. He was working just as hard and fast as the other man – the man banging his wife against the furnace – only with a different sort of fury. He knew there was no way to stop what he was seeing. By the time he boarded his train back to the suburbs, ran down the street to his house, it would be too late.

All he could do was watch, and stroke.

He twisted and tugged on his balls, pumping his cock. Staring at the screen where the furnace man was mauling Layla’s tits and driving his cock back and forth in her pussy. Layla was undulating in rapid rhythm to the cock pumping her pussy, snaking out her long, pink tongue to lick some of the sweat off her groaning lover’s face. She was into it deep and dirty; as deep and dirty as the other two men.

The furnace man fucked in a frenzy, banging Layla against the furnace, almost knocking it and her right off their moorings. Then his body spasmed and his mouth broke open in a howl, as he violently orgasmed, blasting his white-hot semen into Layla. She screamed, her lush body shaking against the furnace, on the end of the man’s rupturing cock, her tits jumping in his desperately grasping hands.

Justin bit off a cry of his own and bucked in his office chair. Semen spurted out of the tip of his lunging cock in his cranking hand, fountaining high, and repeatedly, into the air. As he came with a wicked intensity that matched that of his cheating wife and her lover; perhaps, surpassed it.

A week later, Justin was working on the roof of his house with two other men, Dave and Curt. It was a Saturday, sunny and warm. Dave and Curt were professional roofers. Justin wanted to get his shingles replaced before the rain and snow of the fall and winter set in; just as he’d wanted to get the furnace checked before the blustery cold weather, as well.

He wasn’t much of a handyman. But his wife had suggested that he go up on the roof to help out, get some sunshine. So, he’d scaled the extension ladder and joined the men on the roof, hammer in hand. That had been only five minutes ago. Now, Layla was already standing out on the back patio waving up at all three.

“Anybody want something to drink, to cool off!?” she called out. “I just made some iced tea!”

She was dressed in a baby blue silk halter top and white cotton shorts, wedge-heel sandals on her feet. Her hair and body glowed in the sun, making it obvious that she was wearing nothing beneath the skimpy outer clothing. Her breasts bulged her top, nipples clearly visible pressing outward, her long legs cascading out of the tight shorts.

“Uh, I just got up here,” Justin said to the two men on the roof with him. “But you guys can take a break, if you want to. You’ve been working hard for the last couple of hours.”

Dave and Curt stood up and looked at each other, then down at Layla waving at them. They both licked their lips, and not totally from thirst.

Dave was a good looking younger guy with a well-built body, tanned skin and close-cropped blond hair. Curt was a black guy, tall and muscular, with long black dreadlocks. The men were clad in dirty jeans, dusty tee-shirts, and worn-looking work boots. Their faces and arms shone with the sweat of the labors.

“Sure, okay,” Dave said, setting down his nailgun. “If you don’t mind, man?”

Justin shook his head, squatting on a stack of shingles. “Be my guest.”

The two men clambered down the ladder, down to the ground next to Justin’s wife.

He didn’t have to wait long. He crawled up to the peek of the roof, behind the big brick chimney, just in time to see Layla taking the two men out to the detached shed in the back yard.

He quickly but carefully climbed back down the roof, down the ladder, and into the side door of the garage to grab a pair of his most powerful mini-binoculars hanging on the wall. He made it back up to his peeping position behind the chimney in less than two minutes time. Justin positioned himself carefully on the scorching roof in a squatting position, and spotted Layla through his binoculars just inside the hot and stuffy small building with the two men, Dave and Curt. They were all standing close together, Layla with her arms around the men’s waists on either side of her. She deeply, hungrily kissed Curt first, then Dave, her tongue thrashing together with their tongues. The two men had their hands on Layla’s tits, excitedly squeezing the meaty mounds through Layla’s top.

Justin grunted to himself, as he watched his wife erotically kiss and french the two roofers, their dirty hands all over her luscious tits.

He knew he should do something to stop it, but deep down, he didn’t want to. He always got wickedly turned-on by watching other men get pleasure out of fondling and fucking his wife, and it ultra-excited him to see how much she loved to pleasure other horny men. The fact that it was technically forbidden for her to be with other men due to their marital agreement, only seemed to increase Justin’s excitement further.

Layla’s top was off, and the two men were greedily sucking on her bare tits. Justin re-positioned himself again, laying down flat on the roof with a groan. His hard cock pressed into the new shingles, throbbing against the sun-warmed material.

Layla gripped both men by their hair, her breasts and body shuddering in their hands, as they groped the firm flesh of her tits, licked and sucked and bit into her rubbery, protruding nipples. She flung her head back, her blonde hair streaming, and her mouth broke open in cry of delight. Justin could see and hear it all, pumping his beating cock into the unforgiving roof.

Then Layla dropped down to her knees in between the two men. She deftly unzipped one, then the other, dug around in their jeans and pulled out their hard cocks, looking up at the pair with a smile on her moist lips. She grasped the cocks in each of her slim hands, lacing her long fingers around the engorged shafts, and pumped them both in unison. The men shivered and groaned.

Dave’s cock wasn’t long, but thick, with one noticeable blue vein running the length of it. Curt’s cock was long and dark black, throbbing with woven veins throughout his shaft. The men had their hands in Layla’s silky hair now, holding on, as she briskly stroked up and down the lengths of their straining erections. She glanced up at one quivering man, then the other, grinning. They pumped their hips, helping her jack their cocks.

Justin licked his lips and swallowed dry, the sun beating down on his stretched-out body up on the roof, firing his pounding blood even more. He gripped the side of the chimney with one hand, binoculars in other hand, and pumping his cock into the shingles.

Layla rose to her feet, still pumping the men’s thrust-out cocks with her swirling hands. She said something to them but Justin was too far away to hear.

Justin stopped pumping, and waited. Like the two men, when Layla let go of their cocks.

They all watched, as she turned her back on all three, and then shimmied out of her shorts. Her ass cheeks sprang out taut and golden, round and smooth. She rubbed her hands over them, looking over her shoulder with a seductive smile. Then she kicked her shorts away and turned back around, and coiled her arms around Dave’s neck.

She said something to them again, then Curt proceeded to fully lube his cock with his saliva, as Dave gripped his shaft and probed the tip of it against Layla’s blonde pussy. She moaned and kissed him, and the man’s bulbed cap blossomed between her swollen lips, then barged inside of her pussy. She jumped up closer against him, and his shaft glided deep into her pussy, fully-penetrating her. At the same time, Curt began pressing his cockhead up against her asshole, going slow at first to penetrate his big black cock into her tight hole.

“Fuck!” Justin hissed, watching his wife get double-penetrated by two men she’d met only hours before. He ground his own wickedly hard erection into the roof of their home, his glaring eyes locked on Curt’s cock popping in and out from between his wife’s ass checks.

Layla let out a scream between the two men, cock stuffing her pussy, cock stretching her anus. Then she yelled loud enough for me to hear her, “Oh yeah, fuck me boys!” eagerly undulating her body on the pair of erections.

Dave grabbed onto her shoulders and slammed his cock back and forth in her pussy. Curt grabbed onto her waist and rammed his cock to and fro in her ass. She rocked between the two men, her breasts jumping, ass cheeks rippling, arms and legs quivering. Justin’s fingertips burned white on the side of the chimney, his groin thumping into the roof.

It was hot on the roof, scorching in the shed. All three men sweated, and one woman, with their outrageous erotic efforts. Layla clung to Dave, getting jarred faster and faster, harder and harder, by the two cocks churning her pussy and ass. The men wildly grunted and pumped, their groins and thighs bouncing off the lush naked woman between them, their stroking cocks searing her sexholes. Justin pounded into the roof with his fists and his hard-on.

Layla shrieked, jumping up onto her toes, impaled and nailed by cock. Her body spasmed crazily, orgasming brutally with two cocks blasting her at both ends. Dave yelled, jerked, his pussy-thundering cock exploding inside of the cumming woman. And Curt hollered and shuddered, his ass-hammering cock going off in Layla, as well, flooding her ass with hot semen like Dave was flooding her pussy.

Justin grimaced and bounced and blew semen into his briefs and jeans, staining himself with the dirty guilt and absolute pleasure of seeing his wife get ferociously fucked by two men at once.

After all, Justin enjoyed watching his wife have sex with strange men, and thoroughly got off on it. The fact he was basically helpless to prevent it, thanks to Layla, only made it all the more exciting; as well as providing some sort of justification for him in being unable to stop it. He was a marital martyr to his wife’s twisted sexual desires, and a happy one at that.