Ride On, Cowboy


     By Lynn Lake


It was a beautiful summer day, the big sky clear and brilliantly blue, the yellow sun shining down. I was out in the meadow, just taking a walk after completing the morning chores, when the warmth from the sun and the soft, lush wind from the south got to me.

I slipped into the stand of birch trees that bordered the meadow, found a smooth, white trunk and leaned up against it, surging with a tingling heat, thinking about the new ranch-hand my husband had recently hired, Colt Sever. The man was tall and dark, lean and hard, with brown eyes and skin and a smooth, laconic way of talking and walking. My husband had taken to him instantly, the man and his get-rich schemes, and I wasn’t far behind.

I unbuttoned the front of my dress with shaking hands and pulled it open. My pale breasts spilled out, full and lush and tingling, pink-hued nipples swelling with feeling. I sighed, letting the warm air and sun soak into my bared chest. “Mmmm,” I murmured, cupping my breasts, squeezing the shimmering flesh.

I knew it was wrong for a respectable woman of the late 19th century to be outside, almost out in the open, feeling herself up, fondling her breasts. But I couldn’t help myself, thinking about Colt, and how the handsome man had roped me and my husband.

I slid my hands along my breasts up to the tips, pinched my stiffened nipples between my fingers. I arched against the tree trunk, twin currents of sensual delight coursing through my body. I rolled my buzzing nipples, lolling my head back against the tree and surrendering myself body and soul to the passion.

It wasn’t that my husband couldn’t satisfy me. It was just that all his energy lately had been focused on Colt Sever’s ideas for enriching the pair of them, the three of us – by mortgaging the land my husband and I owned, and had developed into a successful ranch, to raise the capital needed to invest in a silver mine in Nevada. Colt said fortunes were being made there, and we shouldn’t miss out.

I slid my hands off my breasts and down my sides, pushing the dress lower, over my round hips and down my long legs. I stepped out of it, naked, in bloom like the trees and the buttercups in the meadow. I bathed in the bright sunshine, my pussy moist and tingling under its golden tuft of fur. Colt stood before my closed eyes, as I slowly slid a hand down my stomach and into my fur and onto my pussy.

“Mmmm” I moaned, spasming at the wicked touch of my fingertips on my blossomed clit.

I gently rubbed myself, undulating against the tree trunk, ablaze with lust, burning with want. I grasped a breast and kneaded the heated flesh, rubbing my clit more rapidly, the danger and openness of it all heightening the delicious sensations. I quickly drove myself to the very edge of ecstasy.

And then I heard hoof beats.

I opened my eyes and stared at the rider galloping towards me – Colt Sever. I didn’t have time even to take my hands off my body, before he was across the meadow and on top of me.

“Getting some air, Mrs. Burton?” he cracked, reining in his horse and smoothly dismounting. He looked over my blatant, shameful nakedness, pushing his hat back and licking his lips, his dark eyes shining.


“I know,” he said self-assuredly. “A beautiful young woman, with a husband twenty years her elder. You have … needs that have to be met…by a real man.”

He stripped off his leather vest and unbuttoned his blue cotton shirt, striding towards me. I opened my mouth to protest, but he was upon me, brushing my hands aside and clasping my nude body to his, pressing his hot, wet mouth against mine.

His desire was a throbbing force he was confident no woman could resist. I squirmed in his strong arms, and he thrust his tongue into my open mouth, writhing and powerful. I whimpered and went limp, letting him pull me tight into his hard body, his thrashing tongue exploring the interior of my mouth. And when I felt his erection pulsing against my stomach, I threw my arms around the rugged man and deep-kissed him back.

He grunted, his big hands roaming down my back to covetously grip my mounded buttocks, and squeezed. I moaned, pressing into him, clutching at his broad shoulders. We kissed and tangled our tongues together for a breathless, heart-pounding minute or so, Colt almost lifting me right off the ground and into his hungry mouth with the strength of his passion.

He pulled back for a moment to strip off his shirt. His chest was as richly sun-browned as the rest of him, sprinkled with curly black hair and cleaved into twin muscular plates, his stomach flat and hard. He picked up my hands and placed them on his chest, and I felt his searing strength, as he caught up my bare breasts in his bare hands and roughly squeezed them.

“Oh … yes!” I gasped, powerless to resist.

He mauled my breasts. I dug my fingernails into his chest, feeling the raw energy of the man all through my trembling body. He ducked his head down and lashed one of my nipples with his tongue, and then the other, making me quiver. He sucked almost half of one of my breasts into his mouth and pulled on it, making me shutter.

He stared up at me, licking and sucking my breasts, sinking his strong, white teeth into my nipples, arrogant and assured in his lovemaking. He pushed my breasts together and slashed his tongue across both rigid tips at once, and I moaned with abandon.

Colt shoved me back against the tree. My breasts shone with his saliva, red where he’d gripped them, buzzing where he’d mouthed them. He unbuttoned his pants, a smirk playing over his sensuous mouth. His cock was hard and thick when he pulled it out, pulsating when he shoved me down to the grass and fed his organ into my mouth.

I gasped, choked, the man’s tremendous erection filling my mouth. He laced his fingers into my long blonde hair and gripped my head and thrust his hips forward, driving his cock almost right down my throat. He pumped his hips, and I grasped his lean thighs, luxuriating in the feel of all that meat surging back and forth in my mouth.

I sealed my lips to his shaft and bobbed my head in urgent rhythm to his thrusting, sucking wetly on his pistoning cock. He bucked, and groaned his approval. I gazed up into his grinning face, dragging my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft, as I sucked.

Then I pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed the heavy tool up against his heaving stomach, and really painted it with my tongue. I licked up and down the vein-embossed shaft, tonguing wet and hard and eager. Colt jerked, his fingernails digging into my hair, his cock pulsing under my rapidly stroking tongue.

I pulled his manhood back down, swirled my tongue around the tip of the organ, teasing it harder and thicker still in my gripping hand. I pumped his slick, dripping shaft with my hand, as I bathed his hood in warmth and wetness. He groaned and shivered, his cock a length of molten steel under my spell.

I tickled his slit, then poured my lips over the tip, consuming the rounded crown of his cock and tugging quick and tight. I devoured more of his manhood, flowing my mouth down the impressive length. His fingers bit into my scalp, as I took more and more of him into my mouth, and throat. Until I was packed full again, started sucking again, urgently shifting my head back and forth on his beating cock.

He took it for as long as he could, his body quivering with the sucking pressure, bowing under the oral onslaught. I tasted salty pre-cum, swallowed, pulling faster with my mouth.

“Don’t say I don’t know how to treat the ladies,” Colt said, suddenly pulling back, leaving me gulping empty. He grabbed me under the arms and jerked me to my feet, pinning me up against the tree trunk again.

He admired my heaving chest and reddened face for a moment. Then he dropped down to his knees in the grass, in between my legs. My pussy was sodden, dripping with desire, lips swollen pink and puffy. Colt stuck out his thick tongue and touched my flaps with the tip.

“Oh, God!” I gasped, jerking against the tree.

He slid his hands around my thighs and onto my buttocks, digging his fingernails into the rich, pliable flesh. Then he licked up my slit from deep in between my legs right to the top of my fur, dragging my steaming pussy in one long, hard, wet stroke.

“Oooh!” I moaned, my body jumping in the man’s clutching hands.

I grabbed my tits again, desperately squeezing them, staring down at Colt and quivering. He looked up at me and grinned, his lips shiny with my dew. Then he licked my sex again, and again. He lapped at my pussy, stroking it with his tongue, scooping up my tangy juices and gulping them down.

My legs trembled uncontrollably, my body on fire. I slid my palms forward on my breasts and captured the jutting nipples between my fingers, rolling them, pulling on them, as Colt tongued me repeatedly.

Finally, he jerked his head back and smacked his lips. I tore my hands off my breasts and dove them down to my pussy, spreading my lips wide with my fingers, exposing my glistening pink and swollen, throbbing clit. Colt blew on my clit, making me shutter. He fashioned his tongue into a blade and speared it inside me.

“Oh my God!” I cried, jolted beyond reason by the wicked impact of his tongue in my pussy.

He moved his head back and forth, pumping me, fucking me with his thrust-out tongue. Before burying it inside of me and squirming it around, digging deep into my burning pussy. I bent over almost in two, overcome with raw emotion.

Colt slowly pulled his tongue out of my tunnel and licked at my pussy lips again. Then he tickled my clit with his talented tongue. I groaned, staring glassy-eyed down at the man. He flogged my hardened pink nub with his tongue.

“Suck it! Please, suck on my clit!” I gasped.

He kissed my clit, before finally engulfing it with his lips and sucking on the hard, pulsing button. I bucked, the wild sensation of the man sucking on my clit overwhelming me. His cheeks billowed, lips tugging.

“I’m going to cum!” I wailed.

Colt abruptly removed his mouth from my clit and jumped to his feet. “Not yet, you ain’t,” he growled.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around, pushing me up against the tree trunk face-first. I could feel his hungry eyes on my ripe, split-peach bottom, hear him stroking his erection sure and true. And then I felt his hard, wide hand whacking my butt.

“God!” I yelped, grabbing bark, shuttering at the man’s violent blow.

“No better way of taming a woman, I’ve found,” Colt sneered, smacking my ass again, and again.

I groaned with a strange mixture of pain and pleasure, trembling from head to toe. Colt rippled and reddened my one butt cheek, then the other, spanking me.

“I’m not hurting you, am I, Mrs. Burton!?” he hissed in my ear.

I jerked my head side to side, gasped, “No-no!”

He slapped my right cheek, then the left, searing the gyrating flesh. I bowed my head and pushed my ass back, my hair falling over my face, fingernails clawing into the tree. Colt set his hand into a rigid, horizontal paddling position and bent his knees and whaled the both of my blushing, battered cheeks at once.

The crack of his hand split the stillness of the meadow, the shriek from my lips even louder. I was consumed with a kind of violent pleasure I’d never experienced before. It rocked me, like the man’s hand.

Colt drew back that battering hand yet again. The air crackled, I shook, waiting for the next savage, sensual blow. But the man had needs of his own that had to be met, on his schedule. He turned me back around, gripped his rock-hard cock and speared it into my pussy, plowing full-length inside of me without warning. We both groaned, our bodies locked together, Colt’s long, hard cock buried deep into my pussy.

He kissed me, tongued me, thrust into me, ruthlessly fucking me out there in that stand of trees on the edge of the meadow. I grasped his clenching ass, spurring him on with my fingernails, my own blistered bottom pressing back against the tree in rhythm to his pumping. Our moans, the hot, wet smacking of flesh against flesh, filled the heated air. Almost blocking out the sound of distant hoof beats.

“Fuck, you’re wet – juicy!” Colt growled in my face, pounding into my tunnel. Too absorbed in his own savage pleasure to hear the approaching horse and rider. “You really needed a man, didn’t you, woman!?”

“No! No! Please stop, Colt!” I cried, writhing in the man’s arms as if to get away. But squeezing his pumping cock with my pussy muscles.

He loved it, fucking me harder, slamming me against the tree. He ravaged my mouth, churning my pussy.

“No!” I screamed, beating at him with my balled fists now, driving him wild.

Just as the rider pulled up and flung himself off his horse, he drew his gun out of his holster as soon his feet hit the ground.

Colt Sever snarled, “Fuck, yes, sweetheart! I’m cumming!” He jerked, on the cusp of shooting his load inside me, just as a bullet smashed into the tree trunk above our heads, the heavy thunder of the blast sounding a split-second later. That got Colt’s attention. He pulled out of me and spun around, his cock spurting.

“Blackguard!” my husband roared, firing again, the bullet whistling past Colt’s ear.

The terrified man turned tail and ran for the bushes, his cock bobbing obscenely in the sunlight as he took flight. I don’t know for how long and far he ran for, but I never did see Colt Server again…only in my wet dreams.