Sweet Love


By Nelson House

I’m not very good at expressing myself … around women. I get flustered and tongue-tied and end up babbling something that has no relation to what I really wanted to say. I’m fine if we’re talking business, but once things get personal, I’d be better served being mute.

Such was the case when Amanda came into my shop one day.

I was in the back, cleaning some pans, when the bell rang over the door out front. I quickly walked out into the store and in behind the counter. “Are you looking for anything in particular?” I asked the woman.

She looked up from one of the display cases that housed a selection of my hand-dipped chocolates, her pretty face flushing. “Well, I’d like to get a box of chocolates, for a friend.”

“Certainly. If you’d care to look over here,” I said, gesturing at the display case next to the counter, “you’ll find all of the different types of chocolates that I make. I can fill a box with any combination you’d like.” I smiled pleasantly, on firm business ground, so far.

She walked over, her soft, shoulder-length dark black hair, bouncing . “Oh, my,” she said, “they all look so delicious.”

I felt my own face begin to redden, and the ground to slip out from under my feet, as I caught the sweet scent of her perfume. “Uh, w-what size of box would you like?” I pointed at the empty white boxes on top of the display case. “Small, medium, large … extra-large?”
She looked up, and her large, brown eyes met mine, sparkling. “Oh, medium, I suppose. I’m on a-”

She stopped, realizing her mistake. “I mean, my friend who I’m getting them for is … they’re a gift for a friend who’s …” She gave up, smiling at me. “I’m not very good at lying,” she admitted. “I get all tongue-tied. The chocolates are actually for me. I love chocolates. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d treat myself.”

I shakily smiled back, looking into her beautiful, honest eyes, wondering if she could love chocolatiers, as well. “How-how ‘bout a random selection, then, in medium?”
She agreed, and I filled a box with an assortment of my chocolates. Then, as she was leaving, I made the mistake of trying to verbally connect with her on a more personal basis.

“Uh, I was w-wondering … not meaning to be … but if maybe we could …never mind…have a nice day.” I quickly gave up before I made a complete fool of myself.

I thought for sure I’d seen the last of Amanda after my humiliating display of tongue-twistedness. But she returned the following week, and the week after that, becoming a regular customer, who I desperately wanted to become so much more.

So, on her fourth visit to my store, I was ready and waiting for her, nervously. “I-I made some dark chocolates this morning – new recipe!” I yelped, as soon as Amanda set foot in the store. I knew dark chocolate was her favorite. “I was going to eat them myself, for testing purposes, but, uh, you can try one, if you like?” I often give out free samples to customers.

Amanda walked up to the counter, and I indicated the extra-large red box on top of the display case with a trembling finger. “H-help yourself.”

She lifted the cover, and gasped, staring down at the fifty hand-dipped, heart-shaped chocolates I’d arranged into one large heart inside the gold-paper-lined box. She took a chocolate out of the box and put it in her mouth. “Delicious,” she said, smiling warmly at me.

I grinned, speechless.

Then Amanda held a chocolate out to me, her brown eyes shining. “Won’t you take a bite?”
“No! No thanks!” I blurted, blowing my cover under the strain. “I’m actually diabetic, believe it or not. I-I can’t eat chocolates.”

“But I thought you made these for yourself – to test out?”
“They’re yours!” I gasped, my face burning as red as the box. “I made them for you!”

Amanda smiled demurely. “That was very thoughtful of you, Malcolm. Thank you. Perhaps I could do something … sweet for you – to express my feelings?”    

Before I could reply, she came around the counter, took my hand, and led me down the short hallway that ended up in my small storeroom in the back of the store. We were both smiling at each other, me walking on air.

I was so engrossed looking at Amanda’s body as we were walking into the storeroom, I tripped on the door threshold and stumbled straight into her, pinning her body up against the wall. Her body was soft and warm, bountifully humped, and I held onto her for support. “Sorry about that,” I gasped, keeping her pinned to the wall, my hands tightly gripping her buff shoulders.

“That’s okay, Malcolm,” she murmured, as she turned her body around to face me.

Our bodies blazed together, my face flaming. I gulped and bent my head down and planted a kiss on her lips. Her eyes hooded with emotion. I kissed her again, harder and longer this time, with a lot more passion and a little tongue.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” Amanda breathed, her eyes closed, her soft, plush lips open.

My cock swelled in my pants, beating with hot blood to the pounding of my heart, and I pressed the inflating erection against Amanda’s flat stomach. Despite her affinity for chocolates, the woman really did take care of her body. I’d seen that, and now I felt it, up-close.

I boldly slammed my lips back into her puckered mouth. I savaged Amanda’s provocative mouth, chewed on her pouty lips, my throbbing cock and thundering heart, and her sweet initial suggestion, driving me forward. I shoved my tongue in between her parted lips and scoured the inside of her warm, crimson wetness. She bumped her tongue into my tongue, and we started frenching, swirling our tongues together joyously as my hands slid off her shoulders, down her bare arms, and onto her big breasts.

I cupped and squeezed her breasts through the flimsy material of her blouse and bra, rolled her long nipples between my fingers, as she moaned into my mouth.

“Make love to me, Malcolm!” she gasped suddenly.

I broke away from her twirling pink tongue, then watched in awe as she pushed me back and quickly stripped off her white blouse and bra, unhooked her black skirt and let it drop down her long, shapely legs, then pushed down her white panties. Until she stood in front of me wearing only her patent-leather high heels.

My widened eyes traveled all over her slender, yet lush, body. Her breasts hung dark and large and heavy, her licorice-black nipples jutting out thickly, her glistening pussy lightly sprinkled with pubes. I swallowed hard and my throat clicked dry, then I allowed her to help me out of my own shop clothes.

When I was as nude and lewd as she was, we stood there, looking at each other, savouring the moment. Her bright eyes locked onto my straining cock, which made the long, hard, pink tool become aroused to an incredible length.

I jerked and grunted when Amanda reached out and encircled my sensitive shaft with her long, dark fingers. She started pumping my cock with her warm, soft hand, running her other slim hand through the hair on my puffed-out chest. I groaned with deep pleasure, admiring the ebony woman’s handiwork, the way her big tits swayed to her pumping beat on my pulsating cock.

She stroked me faster and faster, then leaned in closer and shot out her tongue and licked at my nipples, teasing them with her moist tongue, before latching her glossy lips onto one aroused nipple and sucking on it. I moaned, my head spinning, my legs trembling, as the beautiful lady tugged on my nipples with her lush mouth, my cock with her lovely hand.

“Easy!” I warned, the pressure in my balls quickly building to critical.

I plucked her hand off my raging cock and pushed her back up against the wall, before I really lost control of myself.        I cupped Amanda’s breasts, squeezed and fondled them, working the hot, smooth flesh, rubbing her nipples with my thumbs. Then I started licking her rigid nipples, swirling my tongue all over the pointed pair, bathing first one of them, sucking and tugging on it, lightly biting it, and then doing the same to her other luscious breast-tip.

“Ummm…that feels so good” she exclaimed, writhing against the wall, as I ravaged her breasts.

I swallowed up as much of her left tit as I could and pulled hungrily on it, my tongue scouring the underside. Then I popped it soaking wet out of my mouth and attacked her other breast. As I did so, I slid my hand down to her pussy.

Amanda’s body jerked when my fingers touched her engorged pussy lips, and jerked again and cried out when I slipped two of my fingers between her juicy lips and right into her slit. She was wetter and hotter than melted chocolate inside, and I began pumping her pussy with my fingers.

“Make love to me, Malcolm!” she urged, staring fiercely at me, her eyes burning.

I yanked my fingers out of the woman and plugged my cock deep inside her. Amanda clung to my shoulders, as my rock-hard erection slid into her tight, juicy tunnel. I churned my hips, pumping my cock back and forth in her hot and humid, drenching wet pussy.

“Yes! Yes!” She and I both exulted, her head lolling forward as I banged away at her.

I pounded my cock in her over and over, bouncing her gleaming body against the wall with each and every savage cock-thrust, hammering into her pussy with a fearsome intensity. Then her head jerked up and her eyes went wide, flooding with sensual pleasure. She dug her fingernails into my flesh and her heavenly body quivered with all-out release.

“I’m cumming…I’m cumming!” she screamed, convulsing again and again with orgasm, as I felt her pussy spasming on my cock.

I kept right on pumping her gushing pussy. And then I felt the sperm in my balls start to bubble, boil out-of-control, and I let out a bellow and blasted my hot semen deep into the hot and horny woman’s pussy.

Ahhhh…Yes!” I roared, as cum spurted out of my cock with an unbelievable force I’d never experienced before.

We clung to each other, glued together by our sex-sweat, our bodies heaving, my hard cock still fully embedded in her sopping pussy.

When we finally pulled ourselves apart, Amanda smiled naughtily and reached inside a metal pot of liquid chocolate I had on the stove, and scooped out some of the sweet, gooey substance with her finger. It dripped down off her finger and onto her huge breasts, landing on one of her dark brown nipples. I knew what she was up to.

“You want to sweeten things even more, Amanda?” I quipped, scooping out my own portion of chocolate and rubbing it all over her chest.

“Hey!” she laughed. “You know you’re going to have to clean up this mess, don’t you, candy-man?”

I grabbed her around the waist and started licking the cocoa-sweet chocolate off her meaty breasts and mouthful nipples, bending her over almost backwards with the force of my desire. She smeared more onto her chest, all over her tits, and then cupped her mounds in sugary sexual offering as I ran my tongue all over them, urgently lapping at both warm, drizzling chocolate and hot, erect nipples.

When I finally had her breasts relatively clean, she lifted out more liquid chocolate from the pot and doused my cock with the sticky, stringy substance, her eyes sparkling with mischief. Then she dropped to her knees and rubbed the goo all over my cock, her hand swirling up and down till I was rock-hard and chocolate-coated.

She started licking – dragging her tongue up and down my throbbing length, lapping my shaft and the chocolate both. She soon had me spit-polished to a slick shininess, and then she popped the tip of my cock into her mouth and started sucking.

“Yeah!” I hissed, watching and feeling her sensuously tonguing my cockhead, her lips chocolate-smeared and sticky.

She looked up at me and swallowed more of my sweet meat, and began sucking hard on me, taking more and more cock into her mouth with each bob of her head. She soon had a good half of my pulsating pole inside her, before my bloated hood hit the back of her throat.

She fondled my balls with one hand, pumped the still-exposed portion of my cock with the finger and thumb on her other hand, all the time relentlessly sucking on my erection, her breath steaming out of her nose.

“I’m cumming!” I cried all-too-soon, clutching wildly at Amanda’s silky hair.

Every muscle on my sweat-slickened body tensed to the ripping point, stood out in stark relief for a shattering split-second, and then my cock exploded. I was jolted with ecstasy, blowing sizzling semen into the dark chocolate lady’s vaccing mouth.

She kept my spurting cock securely lodged in her mouth, swallowing sperm as fast as I could shoot it out. My torso jerked and my legs jellied and my brain turned to mush as I poured out my lust into Amanda’s mouth, down her throat, over and over and over again.

She gulped every last drop of my salty, milky-white load. When I finished, she tugged my dripping cock out of her mouth and happily tongued and kissed my smeared slit. Then she smacked her slippery lips, looked up at me with her shining eyes, and said, “That was sweet, Malcolm.”

Even a diabetic couldn’t say no to that kind of chocolate delight.