Toy Joy


 By Heather Towne

“Um, and then you stick part of the bunny’s head in your, uh, vagina … and – when you turn it on – the head sort of wiggles and the ears kind of waggle and, uh, stimulate your pussy. And, um … your clitoris.”

“Linda, you’re never going to sell any sex toys with that presentation.”

Linda looked down at her next-door neighbor, Amy, sitting at the toy-laden kitchen table she was standing in front of. She sighed, her large breasts heaving in her loose top. “I know. Maybe this was just a dumb idea – holding a sex toy party in my home to try to make some extra money.” She licked her full lips. “And take my mind off the fact Carl is away.”

Carl was Linda’s husband. A captain in the army, he was off on a six-month tour of duty in the Middle East; an assignment deemed too dangerous for spousal accompaniment. Amy’s husband, Rob, was also in the army, and was currently overseas, as well, on a three-month deployment.

The two women spent a lot of time of their free time together, as a result, since their homes were right next to one another’s on the base. In fact, with both of their husbands away, they’d taken to alternately staying together in each other’s houses, to relieve some of the boredom and loneliness. Amy was bivouacked at Linda’s home this week. Linda was forty-three, Amy just turned thirty.

Amy sat up straighter in her chair, her small breasts bounding in her tight top. “I don’t know,” she said, picking up a bright red jelly dong and snapping it like a whip. “I still think it’s a good idea. You just have to, you know, work on your presentation. Make it more interesting and effective – convincing.”

Linda dropped the bunny-head vibrator/dildo she’d been trying to explain to entice purchase and sighed a second time. “And how am I supposed to do that? Join a Toastmasters group or something?” Her violet eyes flickered with despair. “The party is next week.”

“Uh, no. I wasn’t thinking that,” Amy responded, spanking the jelly dong’s cock-like head against her palm. “I was thinking you should test these things. You know, get to know your product. So you can describe how they work – and feel – from actual experience.” She dropped the dong and picked up a pair of gold, fur-lined nipple clamps. “You know, take ‘em for a test drive.”

Linda stared at the young woman. Then she nervously curled her long, dark hair in behind her ears with her fingers, surveying the table full of sex toys, and feeling her face and body warm. “What? You mean all of these? I don’t even know how some of these things are supposed to work, or what they’re supposed to do.”

Amy grinned, her green eyes sparkling. “That’s just it. You have to know – if you want to sell.” She wagged her blonde pigtails, looking at all the sex aids. “But you’re right, there are an awful lot of them. How ‘bout if I help you? I’ll test some of the toys and report back to you. Give you some, um, ‘firsthand’ feedback. And I get, say, 20% of the money you make from the party? For doing some of the ‘in-depth’ research and helping you out with your presentation.”

Linda looked dubious. But there seemed to be no other solution. And she could certainly use the commission on sales from the party – and the practice from testing the product, to be honest. Her sex life was on-hold with her husband gone.

She picked the pink, bunny-eared vibrator/dildo back up off the table. “Okay, you’ve got a deal. I’ll give this thing a try, I guess. Tonight.”

Amy snatched up a white egg vibrator to go along with the red jelly dong from the colorful and obscene display on the kitchen table. “And I’ll test out these two,” she chirped. “Let you know how they work, and feel.” There was a palpable tension inside the house for the rest of that Saturday. Linda had cleared away the sex toys and she and Amy ate dinner together at the kitchen table in relative silence. Each was anxious to get to bed and test-drive their chosen devices, Linda all but trembling with anticipation.

They adjourned to the master and guest bedrooms separately at ten, well before their usual bed times on a weekend. The rooms adjoined one another, and Amy grinned to herself as she heard the motor buzz to life on Linda’s bunny-eared sex toy in the other room. Then she popped her top off and skinned down her cut-off jeans, and jumped onto her bed completely naked. She scooped up the egg vibrator and jelly dong off the bedspread, squirming upward so that she was sitting against the headboard of the bed. Then she flicked on the vibrator. “Oooooh!” she squealed, as she pressed the buzzing egg against her puffy pink clit.

The vibrator sent shock-waves of pleasure rippling through her small body. She pushed the bulbous head of the jelly dong into her shaven pink pussy using her right hand. “Mmm, yes!” Amy groaned, stuffing half of the huge dong inside of herself, stretching her wet tunnel, filling herself up with even more pleasure.

Amy had a few toys of her own at her house, of course, every army wife did. But these were the latest models, brand spanking new out of the box, not a bit worn down with wear. Amy pumped her pussy with the dong and vibed her clit with the egg. She bit her lip and closed her eyes and tilted her head back, shivering spasmodically with delight, moaning happily.

Linda bit her lip on the other side of the shared bedroom wall. She could hear her friend and neighbor – hear the pretty young woman pleasuring herself with the sex toys Linda had brought into the house. Linda was wearing just a white bra and panties, sitting up against the headboard of her bed. She gripped the bunny toy in her right hand, her left hand clutching one of her breasts, squeezing the heavy flesh, listening to Amy. The other woman’s audible excitement was adding to her excitement, no doubt about it.

Linda pulled her panties to one side at the front, exposing her strip-shaved pussy. Then she flicked on the sex toy, plunging the rotating bunny head in between her moistened pussy lips. “Oh my God!” she gasped, as the head twisted inside her, and the waggling ears flicked her swollen clit. This thing did do the job as advertised. Linda was soaking wet and burning hot, shimmering all over. Her moan was met by Amy’s moan on the other side of the thin wall.

Linda wrestled her bra off and flung it aside. She clasped and kneaded her bare breasts, rolled and pulled on her engorged, red nipples, as she pumped the gyrating sex toy back and forth in her pussy, electrifying her slit and clit.

Amy buffed her own clit with the vibrating egg, arching her ass up off the bed to shove more of the flexible dong into her pussy. She sawed it back and forth, juices leaking out from the sides, her clit ballooning to bursting under the trembling, pressing vibrator.

Linda listened to Amy’s sexual sounds, feeling the woman’s erotic vibrations right through the wall. It added to the urgency of her lust, making her press and pump deeper, work her tits more urgently, her voluptuous body shuddering. Knowing Amy was getting off sexually in the next room; and that she could hear Linda getting off was beyond arousing for them both.

The two women cried out almost simultaneously. Their over-aroused bodies quivered, jerked, and gushed their solo and mutual efforts, sending them sailing into sexual ecstasy.


Since that first session had gone off so well, there had to be another. There were still plenty of sex toys to try out before the big party, after all.

“Let’s do it right here in the living room, Linda,” Amy suggested the next day, grabbing up a velvet-furred brown ‘love glove’ and a pair of nipple clamps. “That way you can get instant feedback.”

Linda’s hand froze on the bendy blue pussy/ass dong she was holding. “Here? Together? In the same room?” she gulped.

But Amy had already wriggled out of her tank-top and track pants, plopped down onto Linda’s black leather living room couch, nude. Linda stared at the young woman, at Amy’s pert breasts with the jutting, sun-browned nipples, her smooth-shaven pussy with the sun-browned lips, her smooth, supple, sensuous body.

Linda swallowed and turned her head away, embarrassed, when Amy looked up at her and said, “C’mon, Linda. Pull up a seat and take the plunge. What are you waiting for?”

It was mid-morning, the drapes still drawn on the large front window, the house and the base neighborhood quiet. Linda glanced at Amy’s lithe body, down at her own fleshy form, then at the provocative dong she was gripping in her hand. Impetuous Amy was already affixing the two spring-loaded, fur-lined nipple clamps to the rigid tips of her taut breasts.

Linda took a deep breath and unzipped her summer dress at the back, letting it cascade down her body. Then she stepped out of the puddled garment, as naked as Amy. Her hanging breasts shuddered ponderously as she walked over to the couch, her fur-lined pussy slick with moisture, and her legs feeling a bit weak. She dropped down onto the couch next to Amy.

“You’ll really be ready for the sex toy party in no time,” Amy encouraged, looking over and admiring Linda’s full breasts and distended nipples, and her mature and lush body. “Two hands are better than one, after all,” she quipped. “We’ll really clean up at the party – by getting down and dirty now.”

Amy slid her right hand into the love glove and then smoothed the velvety sex toy over her nipple-clamped breasts. “Oooh! That does feel nice, Linda!”

Amy’s bare shoulder pressed against Linda’s bare shoulder. Linda could feel the heat, the pleasurable twinges coursing through Amy’s hot body as the young woman twisted a nipple clamp and rubbed her tits. She’d made a pact with Amy to test-drive the sexy equipment and share in the toy party profits, but she’d never thought their private agreement would get this personally intimate.

Linda swallowed hard and lubed one end of the bendy dong – the narrower ass-end. There was no need to lube the other end.

Amy moaned and rolled her blonde head on the back of the couch, shuddering against Linda, as she pleasured herself with the toys. Linda plunged the one end of the dong into her pussy, slid down on the couch and arched her body up and sideways and plugged the other end of the dong into her ass. “Oh my God!” she cried out, feeling her sex holes swell with the sex toy simultaneously, her body on fire with erotic heat.

“Feels good, huh!?” Amy enthused, looking over at Linda, sliding the velvet glove down her taut stomach and in between her legs. “Soooo good!” she breathed, rubbing her wet, buzzing pussy with the glove.

Linda was leaning right against Amy, her naked breasts pressing into the other woman’s bare arm. But she didn’t care, or flinch. Her pussy and anus were getting churned with pleasure, as she gripped the bent-in-half dong in the middle and pumped, doubling her joy. She gasped for breath, her skin rippling, her erogenous zones electrified with delight like never before, together – right next to her sexed-up next-door neighbor. She bit into Amy’s shoulder, unable to control herself, tasting the heated, young flesh, inhaling the woman’s sweet perfume and sweet-scented pussy.

Amy squealed and rubbed faster, twisted the nipple clamps harder. She leaned against Linda, loving the way the ultra-aroused woman bit her shoulder, licked and kissed her burning skin. Solo pleasure was so much better together. Amy yanked on a clamp until her one nipple was stretched outrageously, almost ready to pop right off. The pain/pleasure sensation coupled with the velvet stroke on her brimming pussy, suffusing her with utter delight.

She turned her head and kissed Linda on the open mouth. The two women’s wet tongues briefly thrust out and tangled together.

Linda pistoned the dong ends into her ass and pussy, her breast rubbing against Amy. Then she screamed and shuddered, the double-penetration/fucking triggering a fiery orgasm inside of her. She spasmed with total joy, her pelvis and breasts jumping, pussy and ass bursting. Just as Amy screamed and spasmed beside Linda on the couch, an orgasm began bursting inside of her, exploding in the tips of her clamped tits and the length of her petted pussy.

The two women came violently, voluminously, unending; with their sex toys and each other, naked side by side on the couch.

At last, they collapsed in one another’s arms, kissing passionately, their pressed, nude bodies awash in the awesome afterglow of mutual multiple orgasms, shared by sex toy ecstasy.


They avoided each other for the rest of the day, both women more than a little embarrassed about what had happened. Neither knowing exactly what it meant, nor what would happen next.

Linda lay in her bed that night with the covers pulled up to her chin, pretending to read. But she couldn’t stop thinking about her friend (more than friend?) – Amy’s beautiful nude body, the young woman’s soft, wet lips on her lips, their slippery tongues winding together. That had been more than sex toy play, and Linda knew it. She just didn’t know what to do about it.

Linda loved her husband, as she knew for a fact that Amy loved her own husband. But when the men are away … the women have to find some way to amuse themselves, don’t they? ‘Innocent’ girl-play, perhaps?

Linda glanced over at her dresser, at the offending sex toys scattered up there. And her clouded eyes fixated on the purple ‘girl-girl strapless fuck dildo’ – the formed, silicon double-dildo that was bent up at one end so a girl could insert and embed it in her pussy and then fuck another girl with the straight end, like a man fucks a woman.

Staring at the audacious lesbian play toy, Linda’s eyes suddenly cleared, then smoldered with resolution. As her nipples tingled and swelled and her pussy tingled and became wet under her nightgown. She had a job to do – test all the brand-new sex toys before trying to sell them – and a newfound lust to fully consummate – with her fellow tester.

She threw off the covers and got out of bed, grabbed up the woman-joiner, and walked out of her bedroom and around into the guest room.

Amy was waiting for Linda, stretched out naked on her bed with her back to the headboard and one leg bent. Her eyes shone when she saw Linda, and burned even brighter when she saw what the older woman was holding. “I was hoping you’d come and see me tonight,” Amy murmured, sliding down flat on her back on the bed and spreading her legs.

Linda didn’t waste any time; she didn’t have any time to waste. She didn’t want to stop and think – about the circumstances, the consequences. She didn’t want to slow down or arrest the overwhelmingly lustful feeling flooding her body and soul; her overpowering desire to fully explore the enticing sex toys and her own excited sexuality. She wanted to make love to her ‘partner’ with the shared same-sex aid, wanted and needed it more than anything else in the world at that moment. Damn the repercussions.

Staring Amy in the eyes, Linda shed her nightgown and crawled onto the woman’s bed. Amy instantly sprang up and grabbed Linda’s arms, and mashed her mouth against Linda’s open mouth.

The two women kissed openly, unabashedly, Linda grasping Amy’s blonde head and moving her lips against Amy’s plush lips. Amy coiled her arms around Linda’s waist and hugged the older woman close, devouring Linda’s lips with as much as passion as Linda was devouring hers.

Their tongues danced together and twined round and round, out in the open, their nude bodies melding, breasts heaving, nipples tweaking. Linda had always wondered what it would be like to be with another woman, but she’d never even sexually kissed a woman before. But here she was – now – in the naked arms of a young gorgeous woman, cravenly twisting tongues and pressing breasts and bodies. She felt like she’d burn up with the heat of her unleashed lust.

Amy sunk her teeth into Linda’s outstretched tongue and then sealed her lips around and pumped her head back and forth, eagerly and erotically sucking on Linda’s wet tongue. Linda riffled her shaking fingers through Amy’s silky hair, sticking out her tongue as far as it would go – offering it up into Amy’s mouth, between Amy’s lips. There was no denying the women’s sexual feelings for one another now, no stopping this inferno of lesbianism.

Amy stopped sucking on Linda’s tongue and slid her arms back around and shoved her hands up between herself and Linda, grabbing onto the older woman’s breasts. “Yes!” Linda gasped, arching up onto her knees, thrusting her chest out into Amy’s hands.

Amy’s small hands overflowed with the heavy, heated breast-flesh. Her fingers sank in and plied, feeling up Linda’s tits. She looked up into the woman’s eyes, but Linda had her head thrown back, her arms upraised and her fingers running through her own streaming hair now. Amy squeezed her hands up Linda’s breasts and caught the woman’s two engorged nipples between her pair of forefingers and thumbs, and rolled them both.

Linda shivered, her nipples super-sensitive to the touch. And then she let out a wild sounding moan and shuddered when Amy plunged her mouth over a popped-up nipple and sucked on it.

“Oh, God! Yes, Amy!” Linda yelled, dropping her arms and head and staring down at the young woman fondling her breasts and feeding on her nipples. Her nipples strained even stiffer with the urgent vacuuming pressure of Amy’s lips, her breasts blazing red-heat in Amy’s groping hands.

Amy popped Linda’s one swollen nipple out of her mouth and grinned at it, then up at Linda. Then she flogged the woman’s gleaming nipple with her tongue, mauling Linda’s breasts with her hands. She bobbed her head over and inhaled Linda’s other protruding nipple, sucked hard and tight on that one, her lips tugging and cheeks billowing.

Linda clutched Amy to her breasts, shaking out of control. The young woman was working wonders on her breasts, nursing on her nipples – sucking Linda to the very edge of welling orgasm.

Linda shoved Amy back before she exploded in the woman’s arms. Amy landed flat on her back, and Linda landed on top of her.

They swirled their tongues together again, bulging each other’s cheeks, hugging tight. If only Carl could see me now, Linda suddenly thought – torridly sexing up another woman in their marital bed. The stunning thought didn’t stop Linda dead in her tracks, either; rather, it inflamed her even more.

She pulled her mouth away from Amy’s flailing tongue and dropped her head lower, sliding down the young woman’s hard-breathing body, to Amy’s breasts. It was Linda’s turn to cup and squeeze and lick and suck, return the awesome favor Amy had just dished out to her breasts. Linda was only too excited to reciprocate – to taste another woman’s tits.

She curved her hands around Amy’s small, tanned, conical breasts and clutched, causing Amy to shiver and squeal, Linda to moan. The young woman’s breasts were firm and warm and smooth-skinned, pert nipples popping right before Linda’s eyes. Linda kneaded the mounded flesh, and flicked a jutting nipple with her tongue. Amy quivered deliciously beneath her, the woman’s breasts bobbing in Linda’s moistened hands.

Linda tasted the bumpy pebble of Amy’s burnt-sugar areolas with the tip of her winding tongue, teasing the woman’s flared nipples to incredible heights. Then, clenching Amy’s two succulent breasts, Linda opened her mouth up wide and consumed one of Amy’s nipples and almost all of the young woman’s breast along with it.

“Ohmigod! Yes! Eat my tits!” Amy shrilled.

Linda had never heard it put quite that way before; but that’s what she was doing, with a passion. She mouthed just about all of Amy’s right breast, chewing on the hot, taut flesh and the rigid, rubbery nipple. Then she disgorged the one soaking, shivering hump and devoured the other.

Amy vibrated with feeling beneath Linda, the older woman clutching and consuming the younger woman’s breasts for as long as she could. Linda felt like she’d never get her fill, bouncing her head back and forth between Amy’s beautiful, edible breasts.

But Amy quickly had all she could take, quivering on the edge of orgasm like Linda just had. She pushed the older woman up off her bruised and basted breasts.

Linda stood up on her knees, gazing down at the panting young woman with the glistening breasts. Then she spread her legs wider and picked the dildo up off the bed and slowly shoved the bent end of the sex toy into her pussy, wincing slightly with pleasure as it glided inside her. Amy’s eyes flared and her pink tongue washed her pouty lips, watching Linda stick the dual pussy-pleaser into her own pussy, then crawled closer, in between Amy’s legs.

Linda stretched out over top of Amy’s laid-out body. She propped herself up with her left hand, gripping the exposed, flexible end of the dildo with her right hand. She played the bulbed tip over Amy’s slit, making the young woman gasp and shiver. Then she plugged the tip into Amy’s pussy, then plunged the shaft into her lesbian lover by falling on top of the woman.

They groaned in each other’s faces, pussies stuffed and joined, the wicked sex toy bringing the two friends and neighbors closer together than either could’ve ever imagined. Linda gripped Amy’s buff shoulders and kissed the young woman on the open mouth. Amy shot her fingers into Linda’s hair and grabbed on, moving her greedy mouth against Linda’s hungry mouth. They undulated their hips, fucking each other with the lesbian sex toy.

Linda’s slickened breasts squished against Amy’s wet breasts, their sucked nipples jamming together, throbbing. Linda painted Amy’s trembling lips with her eager tongue. She’d never felt more weirdly aroused, suffused with a strange, wild eroticism that swept through her body in waves. She pumped her hips as she flailed her tongue against Amy’s outstretched tongue, recklessly driving the dildo into Amy’s pussy and her own, fucking with abandon.

Amy untangled her fingers from Linda’s hair and dove her hands down the woman’s curved back, onto Linda’s clenching buttocks. She dug her pink-tipped fingernails into the thick, humping flesh, urging her lover on – to fuck her harder and faster. As she pumped her own hips, fucking up into Linda’s pussy. She bit into Linda’s wet tongue and urgently sucked on it again, her body ablaze under the passionate, pounding pressure of the older woman’s body.

They kissed, frenched, and swarmed their tongues over each other’s faces and their hands over each other’s bodies, locked together, bouncing on the bed together, fucking together, the pussies-deep pumping sex toy uniting and inflaming them.

“Amy! I-I’m going to cum!” Linda shrieked into her lover’s face.

“Yes! Me, too!” Amy wailed back.

Their bodies bounded in a frenzied pace, the dildo driving them both over the edge – screaming into incendiary bliss. Linda and Amy mashed their mouths together and held on tight to one another, their bare, sweaty, pumping bodies buffeted by blistering orgasm after orgasm. Their pussies swelling and juicing even more with mutual, hot, sticky gushes of equal parts lust and love.


The sex toy party was a great success for Linda and Amy both, as they shared 80-20 in the profits, as per their pact. They’d field-tested all of the merchandise beforehand, and it showed; Linda’s presentation skills buffed to a fine shine under Amy’s loving hand.

But neither woman kept or purchased any toys for themselves. They didn’t need any manufactured pleasure tools, when they had each other in the flesh for pleasure.

That was their new pact: to wholeheartedly love one another in every imaginable way, shape, and position, while their husbands were away. A sexy same-sex pact to see them sensationally through the lonely patches of hetero army marriage.

Actually, Linda did keep the girl-girl fucker, as a reminder of how sex toys had brought Amy and her so much closer together, and in a way she could’ve never imagined.